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Danger Road 2

Created by Necro_Jo

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Danger Road 2 is the conclusion of the first story, Danger Road, In this sequel, you must leave the castle you have called home for years in the wake of the attack of the monstrous army.

You must now once again travel the path of the Danger Road, this time with one goal, get to the City of Light, deep within the jungle.

The City of Light is the "rumoured" only surviving place in the world, but you do not know for sure, you just have to take a chance, but beware, the road along the way is a perilous journey, with the monster army still patrolling the land. 

To contact me :

Email: danny.redmond [at] hotmail.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/daniel.redmond.1884

Map Details

Creator: Necro_Jo
(21 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.5.2
Size: 16 MB
Added: 2013-04-19
Downloads: 40,582
Category: Survival Maps


-1 Planet Geek Found a secret passage first.
Map completeted in 10 minutes.

2015-05-04 12:03

+2 rea25 I really like this map too. Its awesome!!!

2015-03-06 04:08

+2 eeveeeb I really enjoyed your series. However, some tips i would give, would be: longer map, more goals, puzzles, plot, etc. The design was beautiful, but the map took about 10-15 minutes to complete. You have potential though, so please do make another one :)

2013-08-25 00:19

+2 beth I did enjoy the first of this series, but like others have said, this was very short. I applaud you on your design skills, though! But quite honestly, the main activity in this is walking through the jungle for five minutes. Just friendly criticism:)

2013-08-02 14:14

+2 Joey Good map, but all there is is following the road for 5 minutes or so. The chests are hard to get, so I didn't get them. Other than that, It's REALLY short. You should make a third that's longer.

2013-08-02 01:20

+4 naughty111111 Is it over when you get to the city of light?

2013-05-19 13:02

+9 Necro_Jo Quoting Bricks:
Map was great and looked very nice, especially the castle, but sequel was a bit disappointing. Not many puzzles. I would have liked to see some puzzles.

Thanks mate, I know it wasn't the best it could have been, but then again, sequels never live up to the first in the series :P but aside from that, There wasn't much puzzles no, and it was much shorter than the first one. But as I always say to everyone and anyone, I'm glad for all feedback, criticism "good or bad" etc. etc, because then I know what to or not to do in the future with maps.

Thanks again.


2013-05-08 10:55

0 Bricks Map was great and looked very nice, especially the castle, but sequel was a bit disappointing. Not many puzzles. I would have liked to see some puzzles.

2013-05-03 00:08

-1 Necro_Jo Quoting anna:
wheres the path out of the castle?

If you go to the castle's main tower, there is is an escape route in there, it is covered by a trapdoor, open that up and there is a tunnel leading to the secret exit, but make sure you follow the instructions at the end of the tunnel to get safely.

2013-04-22 02:09

+2 twitter2skype THis is an awesome map! i love it!!!!!!!

2013-04-21 14:04

+1 Herox95 Fantastic, I've just done a Let's Play and have found it to be quite the map! Well done!

2013-04-21 13:29

+5 anna wheres the path out of the castle?

2013-04-21 07:30


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