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Latest Maps Added

1. Treasure Shulker Box v1.0  - 2022-09-29
2. Unfair Void v1.0 - 2022-09-29
3. Project M: Mob Arena v1.0 - 2022-09-29
4. CrushLeg v1.0 - 2022-09-29
5. Unfair Caves v1.0 - 2022-09-29

Updated Maps

Custom SkyBlock

Created by Krixiz

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Map Info

Can you survive on a single tree?

This map features a lobby, quests, advancements and custom recipes!!

  • Only play on 1.13+
  • If you play with friend don't forget to open Allow Cheats!

Good luck completing all achievements!

To report any bugs, please contact: [email protected]


You will be spawn in a world with 1 tree and 1 dirt.

You have to complete all achievement by pressing "L".

The first achievement will be appear after you breaking a wood block.

All achievement will guide you.

You'll receive a book name "Advance book".

Right click it to visit Recipe Room and Emergency Sapling.

Update without resetting is now compatible!

To update without reset:

  • 1. You'll see a file name (Update without reset)
  • 2. Copy 3 files and paste it in your world in v3 or v4 (datapack/customrecipe/data)
  • 3. After you have done all this step run command /function update:runcommand
  • 4. Finish update Good Luck!


2018-09-29 - Map Released.


  • Achievement bug fixed.
  • Flint can be smelt.
  • Update without resetting your map is now compatible (V3 - V4 only)


  • Changed Height of island (Before > 30, After > 80).
  • Fixed iron recipe (Easily crafting).
  • Added new recipe (Phantom Spawn Egg, Villager Spawn Egg, Shulker Spawn Egg) (More sapling).
  • Added Hardcore mode (Removed difficulty selection).
  • Added Scoreboard Death Count, Health, Level for normal mode.
  • Added Scoreboard Health, Custom Scoreboard for hardcore.
  • Added new advancement.
  • Fixed advancement bug.
  • New map logo.


  • Fixed that you can't go back to your island when going to recipe room.
  • Added Advancements.
  • Fixed the lava recipe.
  • New recipes added.


  • Added Lobby.
  • Added more bonemeal.
  • Added new Custom Recipe (Bone + sapling to obtain more bonemeal).
  • Added new Biome: Forest (Fixed that monsters don't spawn in void biome).
  • Added Emergency Sapling! (You can turn on at lobby).
  • Added Recipe Room. (Easier than opening your book and searching).

Map Details

Map Creator: Krixiz
(703 votes)
Map Version: v5.0
Minecraft Version: 1.13.1 (Java)
File Size: 1.4 MB
Date Added: 2018-09-29
Downloads: 96,280
Map Category: Survival Maps

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