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Ever wonder where creepers came from? Many have. Well, you have now come a step closer to uncovering the truth.

You are Commander John Koenig. Your scientists have detected a rogue comet approaching Moonbase Alpha. Sensor readings indicate life inside! How is this possible? You have decided to launch Eagle Five to investigate.

Your spacecraft has been pulled toward the rogue comet due to unusually high gravimetric forces. You've crashed and penetrated the comet's outer shell. You have few resources to effect your escape. You must exit the command module and engage the creepers. Only by getting them to detonate will you gather the resources you need to climb out of this nightmare. If you can make it to the surface of the comet and penetrate back out through the shell, you will find a rescue craft ready to receive you.

Equip yourself with the Kevlar-lined, blast-resistant environmental suit you will find in the forward storage compartment. Also grab the shock stick which will aid you in keeping the creepers at a distance (2 or 3 shock prods will also kill them). And lastly, grab the supply of ships rations (a bushel of Kafarian apples recently acquired on an alien world which will aid in healing too).

You are encouraged to taunt the creepers into detonation ... and then collect the debris after the blast. Salvaging debris from your blasted command module can help too. Be careful though ... the comet's core is volitile and it won't take much to set it off. Collect enough debris and you can ascend to the surface and make your way to the rescue craft. The rescue craft is about 50 meters away from the head of the comet so you'll need about 50 pieces of debris just to get to that ... plus whatever you need to climb to the surface. Once at the upper inner shell you can punch through the brittle glowstone to get back to space.

Do not use cheat mode (unless you've completed the mission objectives and just want to fly around in space freestyle). Do not change gamemode (set at "Adventure" which means no way of breaking down stone without tools) You may change the difficulty level but NORMAL is recommended. HARD is quite HARD!

There is NO respawing after death (Hardcore mode only). After all, no second chances in real life. :) If you die, use the batch file included to reset the map and try again.

A fairly good resolution texture set is recommended. I used Ovos Rustic Redemption in designing the map.

Mission Objectives - Primary:
* Collect enough debris to climb out of the comet's interior and punch a hole back through to space.

* Build a connecting tether (with debris) to get to the rescue ship and enter it through the starboard airlock.

Mission Objectives - Secondary (Phase II):
* Rummage through the rescue ship and collect whatever tools and resources you need to execute Phase II.

* Make your way to the ass-end of the comet's nucleus (bottom of the comet head sphere) and penetrate the shell.

* Explore the oasis that awaits you in this lower hemisphere.

* Collect soil, plant samples and resources and use them to make a new utopia for yourself and the crew of Moonbase Alpha.

* Live happily ever after and relish each day as you play with bunnies and sing bible songs (Ok ... maybe that's too much to ask).

* Destroy all creeper spawners,

* Make a cake to celebrate your new cometary home

* Make a maglev rail shuttle from the comet's lower hemisphere oasis to the rescue ship.

* Fill a storage chest with enough food to sustain the Alphans for a while. 25 carrots, 25 potatoes, 25 apples, 25 loafs of bread, 25 steaks, 25 porkchops, 25 fish, 25 roasted chickens, 25 melons (whole), 25 brown mushrooms, 25 red mushrooms, and 10 pumpkin pies.

* Make 3 dozen cookies (36) for the Alphan children (what few there are).

* Make a rainbow rug to commemmorate your new home. Must be a carpet containing red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple colours.

* Salvage the rescue ship to find materials to make a nether portal.

Super Supremo Challenge:
* Make your way to the comet's lower hemisphere interior WITHOUT using the Potion of Fire Resistance.


2014-03-22 - Map Released.

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Map Creator: Macbrowne
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Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.7.10
File Size: 619 KB
Date Added: 2014-03-22
Downloads: 28,821
Map Category: Survival Maps

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