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Created by Taiizor

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Awakening in the center of a mysterious and claustrophobic building, you must use your strictly limited resources along with a sharp wit, and inner-Bear Grylls skills, to scavenge for survival basics, develop your tools, and maintain a suitable living environment, to last as long as possible before the darkness consumes you.

-*Don't want to spoil anything else*

Map Details

Creator: Taiizor
(19 votes)
Version: 1.5
MC Version: 1.2.5
Size: 2.6 MB
Added: 2012-07-16
Downloads: 57,151
Category: Survival Maps


-3 Blaze I am really disappointed with this map. Nothing has happened, and I have been standing here for 20 minutes. There's no wood for me to do anything, and nothing has spawned. I wasted my time with this map. :P

2015-07-29 16:17

+2 Apanteles Hi there, I just found the top two first rooms, Now I can see a chest surrounded with diamonds and cannot find a way to it... Any clue ? Thanks.

2014-11-12 18:02

+1 AwesomeJames Those of whom actually waited for the tree to spawn I say to you this:


Also a nice quirk I found out: For those who can't get mobs to spawn inside the square stand in a corner, it allows mobs to spawn inside the box.

Also creator, make the bedrock extend to y level 5 for added challenge of getting to the bottom... Possibly add custom caves traps and fun? Map is too easy atm.

2014-06-06 22:49

+2 AsgardIron I absolutely hated this map to be honest. I got really bored so I wanted to see the redstone of the pointless button, which I have deemed pointless. I found that I could leave the cube with my pure grit of tunneling through stone with my fist while I was waiting for the sapling to grow. By the way, the sapling never grew either and I had it 4 blocks from 2 lava sources.

2014-05-07 09:14

-7 P!nk you could at least warn us that there is lava I died 2 times cos I fell into the lava

2013-10-16 18:16

0 Tommy I made it out. But after i wanted to check out the whole thing and found the top part did I do this wrong. I dug with my fist through the stone under the grass. So long.. whatever still awesome.

2013-02-05 01:37

-6 cool guy what would be cool is if you took the hole that you can get out from, away. put 9 spots of lava that you can pick up and move around. leave the secret at the top the same except add more diamonds, having to use the cart to get in then you give enough diamonds to make full armor and sword. where you proceed to then eventually make a nether portal by using the 9 lava and turning them to obsidian with water. go through it, then reward the player with ladders and an enchanted bow and arrows so you can then leave the portal only to be teleported somewhere else that is boxxed in next to a portal to the end that is already completed and you have to go kill him to complete the map. would give it some closure or something not just feel like you just played the map for no reason. great work though i enjoyed it, keep it up. and of course add a way to get out of the boxed in areas after you killed the ender dragon.

2013-01-29 08:04

+2 JustaDude Quoting Btman123:
Whenever I try to grow the sapling, it just keeps breaking. How do I grow it?

Make sure you have the appropriate amount of light surrounding the sapling.

2013-01-15 14:54

+5 Btman123 Whenever I try to grow the sapling, it just keeps breaking. How do I grow it?

2013-01-12 01:26

0 TheMagneticOne Cool concept, but I managed to escape out the bottom and digging my way diagonally. I also had issues with mobs spawning outside the cube, so no mobs were spawning inside. this would be perfect if the bottom had been sealed out and no mobs outside. This should have been made on SuperFlat map.

2013-01-05 06:55

0 Dreo a bit of advice.... if you are meant to survive in there then do not have the extra terrain outside it can cause quite a bit of lag on some people's system. On mine it runs fine but my friend gets pissed because he likes the map to but jsut he gets a bit laggy especialy when we play together.

2013-01-03 23:19

+1 megapickle589 Looks possibly the most interesting map in the whole website.Haven't tried it.But keep up the good work!!

2012-12-29 23:20

+10 DarkenedGod Hey, me and my girlfriend are both trying to play this map, but we keep spawning on top of the bedrock building. We dont know where the start is or how to get to it. Any help?

2012-11-12 16:17

+6 Helping hand As you dig the dirt you will find lava to give light to the sapling and also some stone with iron beneath.

2012-10-30 16:43

-8 AK there is a hole in the bedrock floor, so you can escape easily by crafting a wood pickaxe

2012-10-09 16:22

-9 kslotes Where i'm supposed to respawn? 'cause i saw some videos and i think im respawning in a wrong place (i always respawn in a huge black hole with a chest on the middle)

2012-10-08 23:57

-5 MAGCRAFT Dude, i just digged myself out of there... Is it actually the purpose of the game? What is the purpose, i dont understand?

2012-09-29 21:52

+5 JKdestruction Quoting augrz:
sapling needs light.
Is it possible to get in to the third room? legit?

Yeah it is possible to get into the third room make rails and a minecart then place the rails down in the tunnel put minecart on rails, push it get on suffucate a little there!

2012-09-22 16:28

+1 kg4wxw i hope there is a v2 of this map a few glitches in the map i downloaded include no access to 3rd iron block along with a opening to the outside world.

I have edited the map to remove these two glitches and i am having a lot of fun with this map!

2012-09-16 15:07

+9 enriceau meh, i was able to escape because there was a hole in the bedrock floor

ps: first tree grows with bone meal, then you have to make charcoal from the logs, then torches and then you can grow more trees.

2012-09-16 12:09

+2 Emm Dying takes you out of the box, I don't know if this is intentional or not but it definitely ruins it for me.

2012-09-05 16:27

-1 SebaCr There are to many ways to get out of the box. Not on purpose of course. But if you find a path you use your resources to go on with it amd if you find that this path leads outside is a boomer. Fixing that it could be a good map.

2012-09-01 23:43

-1 ZepherGaming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StTVRkwy4NE

im doing a survival map series and im featuring your map for the first part :)

2012-08-30 01:16

-2 augrzjr hi, i am enjoying this map. thanks

2012-08-29 04:33

+1 augrz sapling needs light.
Is it possible to get in to the third room? legit?

2012-08-29 04:31

-1 MegaBananaSplitZ Awesome, gona make a series for my channel on this map! http://www.youtube.com/user/MegaBananaSplitZ?feature=mhee

2012-08-28 12:47

+1 Taiizor Quoting budda:
how does the sapling grow???


2012-08-26 10:27

+5 Rexierocker maybe using bonemeal

2012-08-24 15:52

-1 budda how does the sapling grow???

2012-08-23 23:05


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