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1 Chunk Survival

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1 Chunk Survival is map made by ItzBlazik on version 1.12.2, the player will spawn on a island of size 16x16 blocks with all resources as in normal world.

You can find small cave, ores and also lava at the bottom of this small island and also you have ability to go into the nether - same 16x16 island.

I made some quests for players so it is more fun to play and also to get some challenge going on!

The map itself is pretty much self explanatory and similar to skyblock. (It is that type of "survive in the middle of nowhere" thing or how to call it).

I would really appreciate if someone would try this game and if someone decides to do so, Good Luck and Have Fun out there!

Additional Info

  • File Size: cca 18.3 MB
  • Author: ItzBlazik
  • Minecraft Version: 1.12.2
  • Programs Used: MCEdit, NBTExplorer, Replay Mod, Optifine


1.) Craft workbench
2.) Craft stone brick stair
3.) Craft stone slab
4.) Make pumpkin farm
5.) Make melon farm
6.) Make wheat farm
7.) Make sugar cane farm
8.) Make cactus farm
9.) Make mob trap
10.) Obtain diamonds
11.) Get into the nether
12.) Have more then 2 animals spawn on island
13.) Get burned on magma block
14.) Make brewing station
15.) Obtain water bottle
16.) Kill pigman
17.) Make stone hoe and completely destroy it
18.) Build a base
19.) Craft 5 paintings
20.) Craft clock
21.) Obtain 15 ender pearls
22.) Make your island larger then 18x18
23.) Obtain 10 Black Wool
24.) Obtain 10 Gray Wool
25.) Obtain 10 Light Gray Wool
26.) Obtain 10 Lime Green Wool
27.) Obtain 10 Red Wool
28.) Obtain 10 Yellow Wool
29.) Obtain 10 Pink Wool
30.) Obtain 10 Green Wool
31.) Obtain 10 Orange Wool
32.) Optain 64 strings


  • 1.) Do no try to build to the mainland
  • 2.) Do not use gamemode/cheats
  • 3.) Play atleast on easy difficulty


ItzBlazik - Creator

And thanks to everybody who downloaded my map! I love you all.



2018-05-25 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: ItzBlazik
(528 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.12.2
File Size: 4 MB
Date Added: 2018-05-25
Downloads: 86,209
Map Category: Survival Maps

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