Ultimate Spleef

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Play the revamped lovable classic! Dig the blocks under your opponents feet to make them fall into an abysmal demise! Now with 6 kits, 10 maps, custom advancements, and a trail shop!

ADD THIS TO YOUR SERVER.PROPERTIES FILE NEXT TO RESOURCE-PACK= https://www.dropbox.com/s/pivcrdgzgvrivbf/USRP.zip?dl=1

- Gymnast
- Brute
- Archer
-Crazed Fisherman

-Desert Villa
-Industrial Park
-Great Oak
-Temple Construction
-End Barrens
-Lava Caverns
-Dilapidated Downtown
-Dualing Bedrocks
-Vader's Fighter

-Render Distance: ~10 Chunks
- 2-12 Players
-Clouds: Off

-The interaction animation isn't broken, you just have haste 128
-The "must mine clock" is to prevent camping, not meant as a real threat
- Winners receive 15 coins and those who lose get 5 coins
- If you leave in the middle of a match you get nothing and automatically lose.
- Of course this okay to play on Youtube
- There's a few things to explore around the lobby if you are waiting on people
- Player's will need op to equip trails that are purchased
- If for whatever reason you need to switch game mode run this command /tag add @s dev then try switching


Credit Beta Testers: Ky13M3YeR, iDab, WorkbenchBandit, Bronik_, Windows95_Tips, TakenToaster, Buddles_


-Added 2 Maps (Hilly Minefield and Install counter_strike_source)   
-Gave Spy Speed 2 when invisible   
-Gave Brute Knockback 2 stick

- Allowed fisherman rod to pass next to, above, and under player -Removed Ability Scoreboard from sidebar.

- Fixed Crazed Fisherman glitch where fishing hook caught on other players.



2021-08-26 - Map Released.


  • Updated to 1.20
  • Cleaner Effects GUI
  • Removed Vanilla Advancements
  • Healed players once back in the lobby if died to Must Mine Clock
  • Changed name from Dualing Bedrocks to Dueling Bedrocks
  • Added sound to countdown
  • Changed oak logs underneath dripleaf to moss blocks
  • Add 4 new maps (Extreme Narcissism, Prehistoric Panic, Mesa Canyon, Chungus Castle)
  • Remove particles from spawn during the match
  • Organized the tick function
  • Changed armor stand displays in kits to item_displays
  • Made path to Trail Shop clearer
  • Added Bacon & Bacon Source
  • Added Wakey Wakey Advancement
  • Raised Great Oak, Desert Villa, and Temple Construction to allow for more reaction time to use Giant Leap


Map Details

Map Creator: TheSwagUnicorn
(46 votes)
Map Version: v1.3
Minecraft Version: 1.20
File Size: 7.3 MB
Date Added: 2021-08-26
Downloads: 8,218
Map Category: PVP Maps

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