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Toy Tank Royale

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Toy Tank Royale is a .io-style PVP game where you battle your friends in cute little tanks.

Get the highest amount of coins to claim the Royale Crown.

Beware though... when you die, you drop half your coins!


  • Supports any number of players
  • Asynchronous gameplay
  • Dynamic arena that transforms around you and suits the player count
  • 12 unique power-ups to collect on the battlefield
  • AI tanks (up to 24 of them!)
  • Commands to control the game camera
  • Options menu to adjust game settings on the fly (for admins)

Map Video

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2021-09-21 - Map Released.

- Significantly optimized player tank code
- Optimized AI tank code
  > AIs are much better at navigating now
- There is now a hard limit of 64 active tanks
- Optimized pellet collision detection
- Reduced TPS lag spikes
- Reduced file size

- Resource Pack translation support
- Game can now be played in 1 of 8 gamemodes:
  > Classic IO (FFA)
  > First to 20 (FFA)
  > Keep the Crown (FFA)
  > Elimination (FFA)
  > Team IO (Teams)
  > Infection (Teams)
  > Capture the Flag (Teams, fixed layout)
  > Team elimination (Teams, fixed layout)
- Tanks can now be given multiple hitpoints
- Tank paint job can be customized
- Individual items can now be banned

- Homing Pellets are faster
- Tank Dash gives 7 ticks of invulnerability on startup
- Speed power-up can no longer be stacked
- Haste power-up can no longer be stacked

- Improved/re-designed several arena tiles
- Pellets are less buggy during their first few active frames
  > This makes blocking shots more difficult
  > Multishot items like Burst and Triple pellets are more reliable now
- Tanks can now only take damage once per tick
- Fixed pellets being able to leave behind garbage scoreboard data & slowly bloating the file size

Map Details

Map Creator: Flamingosaurus
(83 votes)
Map Version: v1.2.0
Minecraft Version: 1.18.2
File Size: 9.3 MB
Date Added: 2021-09-21
Downloads: 5,991
Map Category: PVP Maps

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