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Created by Evan91380, Redcoal

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A small team challenged themselves to recreate the famous Murder game mod from Garry’s Mod. The result contains different configurations, unique in-game events, a shop placed in your inventory, as well as different power-ups given to the bystanders to keep the fun going for everyone.

The power-ups

The map adds different power-ups to the players, all of which are turned on by a right click. This way, the by-standers can obtain one of the following effects:

  • Ghost: He can become invisible for about ten seconds.
  • Drugged: He can consume an illegal substance to become faster. Unfortunately, he also becomes sick.
  • Taser: He owns a taser. The person hit by this weapon is stunned for a couple of seconds.
  • Thief: He can steal the power from a dead bystander.
  • Angel: When killed, the anger from gods falls upon the killer, whether it is another bystander or the murderer. A thunder is heard and the killer is seen for a couple of seconds.
  • Suicidal: When killed, his explosives belt is activated, killing everyone in range of the detonation. (The murderer can recognize him with certain particles being present around that bystander’s head.)

All of these power-ups can only be used once (the last two for obvious reasons).

The murderer, who is slightly disadvantaged with all of these power ups, now own a teleportation controller, and the power to change appearance into one of the killed bystander, although he can use these once a game. He could then use these to run away, or to attack swiftly.

Shop and Events

The shop allows you to buy certain useful items:

  • A Gun, for 15 gold ingots, which gives you a gun with 3 ammos with which you can act as the best police officer. (Ammos can be purchased for 3 gold ingots.)
  • A Lighter, for 5 gold ingots, with which you can light it up.
  • A Shield, for 6 gold ingots, which will protect you from a fatal hit.
  • A Trap, for 4 gold ingots, which gives you a bear trap, which prevents a person from moving for a few seconds.
  • A Random Teleporter, for 5 gold ingots, with which you can teleport at any spawn points on the map.

The events can change the ending of the game:

  • Slime, some slime spawn on the map. Be careful, they are extremely cute.
  • Explosive sheep, they run towards you and explode.
  • Mine, mines spawn on the map. Be careful, they explode.
  • Storm, everything is in the name.
  • Acidic rain, the rain gives some negative effects.
  • Switch of positions of the players, the players switch positions.
  • Double gold, the amount of gold ingots collected is doubled.
  • Rare events, these are extremely rare and deadly events. Can you find them? (If so, come on the official SuperMurder Discord and post a screenshot or a clip of these events.)

Additional Gameplay

In a map, you can find a given amount of gameplay tweaks, useful to win your games.

  • Many secret ways are hidden in the maps.
  • If the murderer stays too long next to the gun sitting on the ground, he receives negative effects.
  • If the murderer doesn’t kill anyone for a while, he emits smoke particles.
  • A minimap is available. (It has to be activated in the inventory menu.The minimap works only on some maps : Ice Mountains, Magnitude Five, The Moon, Manoir, Scarface. We are working on adding it to more map)


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Map Details

Creator: Evan91380, Redcoal
(162 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.4
Size: 52.6 MB
Added: 2021-01-06
Downloads: 4,585
Category: PVP Maps

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-2 Xander This was just the same thing that came back from my mom when they started talking on her back when it happened

2021-01-15 22:25

+2 MinecraftUser Great Map!!! We had a fun time playing this with my friends!

2021-01-14 08:44


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