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Songs of Greavesoyl

Created by MrKisiel

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Map Info

Songs of Greavesoyl is team PvP map from the creator of Deep in Dungeon, set in the same universe. Among many kit pvp maps it stands out with rich lore, low entry threshold but high skill ceiling, fast paced gameplay and actual characters with personal stories, not just nameless kits. With many characters to choose and multiple maps to play on Songs of Greavesoyl can provide nearly endless fun to you and your friends. You can play as man with a sword, angry dragon, bird with airbending powers, ice lich, war golem, sea monster, Lovecraftian nightmare and many more, in places like underground ruins, desolate forest or temple on the desert. The goal is simple - capture altars and kill your opponents as one of 27 unique characters, with more to come!

Main features:

  • 10 maps
  • 4 game modes (CTM, deathmatch, duel, all random)
  • 27 unique characters with personal stories
  • customizable win conditions
  • no resourcepack needed
  • easy to play, hard to master
  • rich lore of the universe

The map will be updated with new content (maps, characters, game modes, balance changes) in the future, so stay tuned! You can join our discord server to stay up to date.


Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3 Part 1


- 3 character reworks
- new map
- enchantment glow removed from armor
- balance changes

- new duel map
- 1 new character, 2 old reworked
- few bugsfixes
- molten abyss now works properly 1.2
- 2 new characters
- new map with new gamemode: all random
- tournament mode

- Sand Crawler hotfix.

- New Map.
- 2 New characters.
- Balance changes.
- All known bugs fixed.


Map Details

Creator: MrKisiel
(59 votes)
Version: 1.3
MC Version: 1.16.4
Size: 9.3 MB
Added: 2020-12-30
Downloads: 2,241
Category: PVP Maps


+5 ItzMeSarah Great map! Me and my friends was enjoying this map. Can you make more maps like this pls? Also, Great arena building MrKisiel!

2021-03-28 13:45

+1 Sufferman Had tons of fun on this map w friends, looking forward to new updates and characters

2021-03-02 03:27

+1 Swen Shwe Kyal Sub to his youtube channel and join his discord too.

2021-02-15 04:55

+3 Swen Shwe Kyal Best map I had ever seen .If you don't download this map you will regret.

2021-02-15 04:53

0 Bunnyraider Anyone know how to fix the issue when we're at the "picking their characters" lobby area but nothing happens? Helpppp

2021-02-05 09:18

+6 vanmdf Awesome map! I cant wait for future updates with more maps, gamemodes and classes, but it'd be great if there were a free for all mode

2021-01-27 01:23


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