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Created by Fabtob1/Jessetc

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Introduction & Game Explanation:

Welcome to Infinitri!

This is a highly competitive PvP Bowgame that has been in the works for over 6 months and is still being developed. The map is aimed towards the bow aspect of Minecraft, as the bow is your only weapon. You compete in 5 different game-modes and 7 different well planned out maps. You can either train competitively and master the skill of the bow, or just play for the heck of it.

We would define this map as a high quality competitively bow-game. Where you, as the host can control the settings, players in-game, what maps to play, and what game-modes to play. You as the host can set things up exactly how YOU want things to be. We wanted to give the players a well made PvP game that you can host yourself and not require a public server to go on. You control the outcome.

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Freeze Tag: This game is similar to the game you used to play as a child "Freeze Tag". The difference here, is that there are two teams competing against each other. The first team to freeze the entirety of the other team, wins the game.

These are a few items you should know how to use:

Blaze Powder: This item is used to unfreeze your frozen teammates [Drop to use]

Water Bucket: This item is used to stop another player from being unfrozen [Drop to use]

Capture The Flag: In this game-mode there are two teams, each with it's own beacon, one for each team. Near them are banners, these indicate the flags. You need to protect your own whilst attacking and stealing the enemies teams flag. Bring both flags to your own beacon to win a round. The game can be played with either 1 or 3 rounds.

Free For All: In this game there are no teams, it's a big havoc of fast phase killing. The game is won by the first player to reach the amount of kills selected by the operator. The objective is displayed on the sidebar.

Capture Point: The players are divided into two teams, there are two capture points located at the two beacons. This game-mode is similar to Capture The Flag in the way that we have to control the beacons, but in this game-mode the goal is to keep control of the enemies point and drain its health down to 0%. The team that still has remaining health wins the game.

Team Deathmatch: The players divided into two teams, the game is kind of similar to Free For All in that its a big havoc of killing. It's a game-mode with little strategy were the objective is to reach the selected amount of kills chosen by the operator.


Killstreaks can be enabled in the settings room, when you get the required killstreak an item will be received.

Killstreak - Item

2 KS = ❅ Grenade - [Right Click to Use]
4 KS = ☠ Land Mine - [Drop to Use]
5 KS = ✪ ExBoots - [Equipment]
7 KS = ✈ Airstrike - [Drop to Use]
10 KS = ☣ Nuke - [Drop to Use]


Fabtob1/Znacor - Founder/Manager
Jessetc - Founder
Seacow11 - Magician
CR4FT3R3N - Command Blocker
Alonofer20 - Command Blocker
Plexigras - Command Blocker
Ligitnoob - Helper
Superglitch_ - Helper
That_1_Nube - Helper


2016-01-09 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Fabtob1/Jessetc
(113 votes)
Map Version: v1.0.7
Minecraft Version: 1.8.3 (Java)
File Size: 5.2 MB
Date Added: 2016-01-09
Downloads: 8,119
Map Category: PVP Maps

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