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Crafty Cannoneers

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Crafty Cannoneers is a game where 2 teams of Pirates are having a big battle, with their goal being to completely destroy the enemy team's ship as quickly as possible. They can do this by firing off a wide variety of Cannonballs using the Cannons found on their ships.

The island in the middle of the map is home to Treasure Chests! These Treasure Chests contain Gold, Gunpowder, special weapons and other kinds of loot. The Pirates must visit this island frequently in order to get enough resources to shoot their cannons.

Gold is used to purchase Cannonballs from the Pirate Traders on your ship and Gunpowder is used to shoot your Cannons.

Each Cannon has 2 Gunpowder slots on either side. You can insert up to 7 Gunpowder in these slots; the more Gunpowder you put in, the further the Cannonball will travel. You can even shoot Cannonballs in different directions by putting more Gunpowder in one slot than the other.

The ships also have Weakpoints, which deal critical damage when hit. The Pirates can expose these Weakpoints by spotting them with their Spotting Spyglass. If they want to hit these Weakpoints, they need to learn how to properly aim their Cannons.

Each ship has a Team Chest for all teammates to access shared resources. If an enemy makes it onto your ship, the Team Chest automatically locks itself, but if they have a Skeleton Key (found in Treasure Chests on the middle island), then they can unlock it and steal all of your precious items! You'll know when an enemy is on your ship if your Ship Bell starts ringing.

The last ship standing wins the game!



2022-11-06 - Map Released.

World Update System:

Added a system to automatically apply necessary game updates to existing Crafty Cannoneers worlds.

When a new version of the game is available, download the latest datapack zip here and extract it into your world's datapacks folder, deleting the previous craftycannoneers datapack:

Then run /reload (or /minecraft:reload, if on a Spigot/Paper server) in chat/console or restart your world/server to apply updates.

Alternatively, you may download a new copy of the world with updates already applied, but you may lose player data in the process.

(Note that this does not just involve replacing datapack files, as actual entities or blocks may need to change from version to version. The world update system exists to automate this process.)

Hostile Mob Spawning:

Crafty Cannoneers requires hostile mobs to be able to spawn, as creepers are used to simulate Cannonball explosions. The world difficulty is now set to hard upon reload, and if hostile mobs are still unable to spawn (which may occur under certain server configurations), a warning is outputted to chat upon trying to change game settings.

(Note that this has introduced a 2-tick delay to actions on the Settings Map, as hostile mobs are alive for 2 ticks even if disabled. Consider it a feature: spam proofing!)

Fixed Bugs:

  • Cannonballs could explode prematurely on Spigot servers.
  • The game could choose invalid locations to spawn Weakpoints and then fail to spawn anything, therefore freezing Weakpoint destruction progress for the remainder of the game.
  • Entities used to detect interacting with Cannons could despawn.
  • Players could keep improper tags if they relogged while in control of game settings.
  • You could remove gunpowder from the top left-most Cannon by clicking on the gunpowder slots of the bottom left-most Cannon.


Map Details

Map Creator: ZeroniaServer
(12 votes)
Map Version: v1.0.3
Minecraft Version: 1.19.3
File Size: 14.1 MB
Date Added: 2022-11-06
Downloads: 2,426
Map Category: PVP Maps

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