Zombie Epidemic

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Fight to survive against countless of zombies in 50 waves and 5 different arenas. All with a custom shop and custom weapons.

Your job is to clear out all the zombies in each of the five arenas. While doing so, you will have access to a shop with custom weapons that are purchasable using the currency obtained from killing zombies. Each arena has two new unique zombies that have unique abilities and make them harder from the rest. There are ten waves in each arena, the tenth wave being a boss. Complete all five arenas to finish the map. Play with friends to make it more of a challenge!

Map Features

  • Multiplayer compatible
  • 5 unique arenas
  • 5 unique boss battles
  • A custom shop with custom weapons
  • Deaths appear in the TAB list
  • Health appears above players' heads
  • Player kill count is revealed at the end of the map

Shop Items

  • Steel Sword (Cost: 10 Kills)
  • Iron Sword (Cost: 80 Kills)
  • Legendary Sword (Cost: 175 Kills)
  • Bow (Cost: 125 Kills)
  • Extra Hearts (Cost: 60 Kills)
  • Double Speed (Cost: 60 Kills)
  • Immunity (Cost: 15 Kills)
  • Particles (Cost: 100 Kills)
  • Distraction (Cost: 10 Kills)
  • Snowballs (Cost: 5 Kills)
  • Horse (Cost: 200 Kills)
  • Nuke (Cost: 200 Kills)
  • Bomb (Cost: 20 Kills)
  • Lighter (Cost: 10 Kills)
  • Peasant Armor (Cost: 20 Kills)
  • Knight Armor (Cost: 50 Kills)
  • Shining Armor (Cost: 120 Kills)
  • Legendary Armor (Cost: 200 Kills)
  • Mine (Cost: 15 Kills)
  • Gravity Gun (Cost: 30 Kills)
  • Air Cannon (Cost: 30 Kills)
  • Arrow Upgrade (Cost: 50 Kills)
  • Grappling Hook (Cost: 100 Kills)
  • Executioner (Cost: 200 Kills)
  • Shield (Cost: 50 Kills)
  • Rocket Launcher (Cost: 300 Kills)
  • Lightning Rod (Cost: 20 Kills)

Extra Info

  • Render distance must be set at 8 or above
  • No resource pack required, nor does it come with the map
  • If the next wave won't start, right click the "Help" book and click page 2 to teleport to the nearest zombie (If you cannot find it yourself)
  • Most items are used by dropping the item (Default is Q)
  • The map can be played back from wave 1 once finished
  • You most likely will need a BEEFY COMPUTER to play this map smoothly

Redstoner = LetzTaco

Builder = Gorimear



2017-03-01 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: LetzTaco/Gorimear
(1744 votes)
Map Version: v1.2
Minecraft Version: 1.11.2
File Size: 56 MB
Date Added: 2017-03-01
Downloads: 106,821
Map Category: PvE Maps

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