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Zombie Castle Defenders

Created by mnopjh

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Map Info:
Are you ready for the zombie invasion!? You must defend your castle from the horde of zombies that are trying to invade it, by shooting them down as they make their way towards the castle. There will be over 99 different waves of zombies that will spawn, can you survive them all?

Be careful though, as you will only have six lives for the entire game. You will also get two sand per wave, sand is used to buy additional towers and weapons, as well as random chests.

Updated for Minecraft 1.4!

Map Details

Creator: mnopjh
(75 votes)
Version: 1.10
MC Version: 1.4.7
Size: 5.69 MB
Added: 2012-04-10
Downloads: 133,327
Category: PvE Maps


+6 shadowwarrior Quoting LOL:
The STONE pressure plate cant be activated by items...
Please fix it cuz i really want to play :)

did you read the instructions you need to place the sand not throw it

2015-05-29 09:45

+6 ErebusDragon Great Map Idea!
Some bugs must be fixed, for example, I couldn't buy the first yellow snowman, gave it 7 sands and nothing happened, but the turrets are awesome!

2014-05-18 18:20

+7 ty This map was awesome!!!!!!

2013-11-29 00:15

+8 klavs25565 i love this map so much :D

2013-10-31 15:53

-39 Dodi i have a server and i have a plugin called Echopet when i spawned in the map with my friends
i spawned in an ocean.. when i copied the file of
the map into my single player to search for it,
i forgot to despawn my enderdragon pet now its ruining everything :P

2013-10-17 06:16

+8 Superhitech Wonderful and fun game to play congratulations to the maker

2013-08-31 21:32

+6 jsprouts Made a video for this awesome minigame!! :D


2013-07-28 21:21

+2 BlackLumious amazing design and its very fun

2013-06-22 06:28

+2 AllenWL Great Map!!
really fun (:
one thing though...
i cant buy the snow turrets
(using minecraft 1.5.2)

2013-06-20 12:43

+2 Peritason This map is awesome ive never seen such redstone management

2013-06-02 07:36

+4 CTheMiner1999 Nice, it's very nice done and the redstone is just fantastic! Well done!

2013-05-30 14:50

+4 Cube_Loves_Minecraft Me (CuBe170) and my older bro (Uknight33) are about to play this awesome looking map!!!!!

2013-03-27 18:02

+3 Epic_Waffle_Lord Make sure if your running a server to go into the server configuration file and ENABLE command blocks,

2013-03-09 19:43

+12 Anthony Played this on a Hamachi server with my little brother, to buy stuff you just place the sand in the hole, not on the pressure plate. Don't drop it, place it down and it'll take it.

2013-02-19 03:24

-27 kerokero i cant purchase a normal bow D:

2013-02-14 17:17

+14 Azda323 I will be doing a map review of this. It looks GOOD! my channel is the "TheAzda323stuf f Channel!" just one thing, Im bad at these maps, so prepare to laugh!

2013-01-23 13:58

-43 LOL The STONE pressure plate cant be activated by items...
Please fix it cuz i really want to play :)

2013-01-04 14:00

+11 Ketupia This is fantastic. I love the implementation

2012-12-15 18:00

+17 Hayden Jacobson Hey! I hope you don't mind, but I did a lets play of this on my channel. Check out part one here. ----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLk177Z_3u0&feature=g-upl

2012-11-18 15:14

+9 coolquote oh my god this was AWESOME! im definitely recommending this to my friends

2012-11-04 16:59

+6 nikola dude thank you this is the coolest map if ever played :]

2012-10-30 17:07

+26 cavy8 It's kinda like Zombie Seige, but you buy stuff, and there's turrets. sweeeeeeeet.

2012-10-09 00:29

-21 Jacob I don't understand how to buy things.

2012-10-08 00:53

-29 carlierremy cool map, but it gets a tiny bit boring at one point.

2012-10-06 21:31

+29 knwjfw This map was AMAZING this guy has the most creative redstone mind of any1 i have ever seen. An absolutely MUST minecraft map.

2012-09-28 01:38

-34 alec The sand doesnt do anything to the pressure plate

2012-09-19 02:37

+12 DarkInsight Pretty challenging like at our server in ValkyrieCraft
on zombie survival warp

2012-08-26 04:28


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