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The Ends' Lament

Created by Ercerus

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"The Ends' Lament" is an adventure map with a focus set on Story and PVE combat. In this singleplayer map you will make your way through novel end biomes, fight hoards of enemies and hear the ends' lament. The map is roughly 1.5 h long and features voice acting, custom music, models, textures and sounds. The map was made for Minecraft version 1.18.1. The current version is v1. See my Planet Minecraft page for more maps made by me.


Extract the world save file from the downloaded .zip file. Just drop the world file into your saves folder and load it up in-game. The resource pack will install itself automatically, once you open up the world.

Take a break if necessary

The combat in the map can get rather intense at some points. Take a break and resume gameplay whenever you want. The map will work just fine if you do so.

Optifine and shaders support

The map supports Optifine for a few additional visual features. If you want to play with shaders, I would recommend to use Complementary Shaders by EminGTR.

Optional Hard Mode

If you have played the map already (or are very confident in your abilities), then you can try beating the map in hard mode by flicking the lever in the starting room. This can be undone at any time, as long as you have not yet left for the girini outpost.

A small book about the maps development

Inside the downloaded ZIP-folder, you can find a PDF-document called: Making of - The Ends' Lament. This small book contains a bit of background information about the map. Things like where I got ideas from and scrapped content. If you enjoy such things, just open it up and have a look. None of the information in there is essential to understand the map. I just enjoy making such things :D

Bug report

If you find anything that looks like it's not working as it should, please leave a comment on my Planet Minecraft page and I will look into it.


Map Details

Creator: Ercerus
(39 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.18.1
Size: 130.8 MB
Added: 2022-01-05
Downloads: 2,226
Category: PvE Maps


Leo games I tried this map. It's a pretty fun map, it tells the whole storyline of the start and the end, for me its a 10/10.Best minecraft map played so far

2022-01-22 07:07

TreyofTroy This is an amazing map! definitely 10/10

2022-01-14 00:38

Knight Great storytelling, everything looks amazing! I do wish there was a second story path where you could switch sides and join the rebels, but that would make the map a bit too long. Other than that, loved it! 90/100

2022-01-12 00:18

Ephonium Probably the best map I have ever played. Great job story telling and building a world that felt lived in. The builds are beautiful and the environments seem like real biomes that extend into the distance. I rarely play with shaders but I am very glad I did, the map is beautiful on its own, but even better with the recommended shaders.

I really enjoyed the new enemies and combat mechanics you developed, and the final battle was a great twist on something familiar to most players. The epilogue wrapped the story up well and was very emotionally moving.

2022-01-08 05:05


2022-01-07 15:09

Ercerus Map Creator here: If you wish to send me a message, please do so on Planet Minecraft:
It is hard to respond to comments here, but on Planet Minecraft I will answer you for sure.

2022-01-07 12:29

ccd Very enjoyable map, highly recommend

2022-01-07 11:34


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