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Shock Arena

Created by Arro3

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What is Shock Arena?

Shock Arena is a singleplayer/multiplayer map where you fight 50 waves of increasingly difficult monsters, using their drops to craft better weapons and armor.

After each wave, you are allowed to enter a zone where you have access to a crafting table (with custom selected crafting recipes, even for chainmail armor!), a furnace (for smelting armor back into nuggets and ingots), a chest, an enchanting table, a brewing stand, and 2 shops, where you can sell and buy important items in exchange for coins.

Each of the 30 enemies has a custom loot table, dropping mainly coins and rarer items if you're lucky.

The map contains 26 custom advancements and challenges.

There are 3 difficulties available to choose from, Easy, Medium and Hard, each making the gameplay more challenging and more fun. There are also 3 toggleable gameplay mechanics: Double Enemies, Half Health, and Insta-Spawn, that spike the difficulty a considerable amount. Finish a game on Hard difficulty with all of these active, and you will be remembered as a god among men.

After you complete one normal game, you can enter Endless Mode, where you fight an unlimited amount of waves of increasingly difficult random enemies. Show your highscores to the world!

Other information

If you happen to find any bugs, whether in singleplayer of multiplayer, be sure to let me know on this map page. Otherwise, have fun!


Map Details

Creator: Arro3
(189 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.3
Size: 464 KB
Added: 2019-07-14
Downloads: 15,725
Category: PvE Maps


-1 éél please update to 1.16.5

2021-05-30 16:23

0 iDoomful The map is well done, though I wish you added experience bottles at the shop, the armor and weapons crack pretty quickly. And I think giving the players the choice to sell the iron and diamonds for the same price you buy them for is too OP. If I knew how OP that is from the beginning, I would've had hundreds of coins early in the game without much effort. I've only reached wave 32 and I'm already stacked with enchants and everything and I have so much iron and diamonds that they became valueless

2021-05-22 11:26

+14 Random Minecraftian ...Real talk, the random events are not necessary. Blindness and bad-luck are both tolerable, albeit very annoying. But the asteroids are the very definition of "artificial difficulty". There is no reason why these need to be in the game. A natural disaster that's almost impossible to counter is not appreciated. It's capable of instantly killing you and then destroying your dropped items afterwards. So you can die and then be incapable of moving forward in the round and just end up dying over and over again, especially if you're at a higher round. Let's say your survive these asteroids. Even if you do, the asteroids drop on enemies and kills them. You don't get the experience or loot for that. So it's a lose-lose situation that you can't counter. That's not fun or challenging. That's bull. If you ever decide to remake this in the future, please take care to not include things that just can't be countered no matter what. I have negative sentiments on random blindness and bad-luck as well since they also can't be countered. But you can deal with those. You can't deal with the asteroids though.

2020-05-25 06:34

-2 john can't press the button on the map. Help!

2020-05-18 15:59

+27 Bonnie_The_Bunny VERY good map. However, the assteroids it can do without. Yes they add a challenge, but at the same time they can completely screw you over. For example, you die via assteroid which means your stuff is just laying on the ground. you respawn and your stuff is GONE from another assteroid. This means you have to fight the remaining mobs with no armor and NO WEAPONS which is very tedious and honestly hinders my ability to enjoy the map. It's especially aggravating when i'm facing skeletons with bows meanwhile i'm naked and using only my FISTS. Not only that, but the assteroids destroy mob loot! Yes you can avoid them (although sometimes you simply CAN'T), and yes they add a challenge, but for the love of god, please do one of two things. 1) make the assteroids not destroy drops or 2) remove them. Thank you for reading my suggestion. Don't take it the wrong way, I love your map, i'm just giving my feedback.

2019-08-21 22:21

-2 Rash Quoting troubledaye:
what do coins do

You can buy gapples, iron, diamonds, arrows, food, books, and logs. Pretty useful

2019-08-02 15:00

+5 Rash This map is amazing! I'm totally addicted. Advancements are great, but I have a few suggestions:

Make the kill streak have a good use, other than the advancement

Make advancements give a perm buff maybe? For example, having resistance I for the rest of the game.

An easier way of getting gold ingots.

2019-08-02 14:59

-1 josyd Quoting troubledaye:
what do coins do

They're for purchasing upgrades while you're participating in the arena.

2019-08-02 13:27

+9 josyd I'm trying to use this on a server for myself and some friends, but none of the functions seem to run. Any ideas? (Spigot 1.14.4)

2019-07-31 08:38

+10 Pielover954 good map, although the random meteor showers are kind of annoyinh

2019-07-27 03:25

0 IAmEviLEyEzz Just Posted a video of your map, great job man. keep up the hard work.


2019-07-25 22:46

+11 Nico The meteors will almost certainly kill you, please nerf this!

2019-07-25 18:25

+10 Artsicle "...you will be remembered as a god among men."

What men will there be to remember me as a god?

2019-07-15 19:24

+6 Chad kroeger very nice map, i like how this map has achievements, wave progress bars, and the kill streak is also a nice feature.

2019-07-15 10:32

+3 troubledaye what do coins do

2019-07-15 08:14


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