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Piglin Casino

Created by Royugen

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Map Info

An adventure to protect the Piglin Casino From the numerous wave of attacks.

A "Tower Defense" Style Map with a twist. The players needed to survive 20 Stages of Attacks on the time given for each stage.

The players will encounter multiple type of enemies for each Stage and the higher the stage, the harder the enemies.

The players is able to do Bartering with Piglin to achieve custom different weapons (with custom rarities) that have different range of stats.


20 - 40 Minutes of Gameplay
Custom Bartering System
Randomized Custom Weapons
Item with Rarity
In game Currency
Multiple Type of Enemies
Leveling System
Multiplayer Support


Made by Royugen

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Map Details

Creator: Royugen
(86 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.1
Size: 2.1 MB
Added: 2020-11-07
Downloads: 4,921
Category: PvE Maps


+1 lélé Best map ever custom items creative map and proggress i completed the map the best nice.

2021-05-31 17:58

+16 MYSTIC CRAFT68 The map i needed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WOW , thanks and keep up the work.
Noice map

2020-11-13 07:21

+12 terry6666 best maps 10/10

2020-11-11 15:01

+3 Wizza Pretty fun ^^

2020-11-10 20:12

+7 Calvin I have to say, this is a really fun map, but when you get past stage 10, the trading becomes wayyy to slow. You can't really trade with the other piglins because they will drop half the chips in their own area. Otherwise, really fun map and keep creating them!

2020-11-10 19:43

+7 Delta Interesting mob arena map, though its kind of easy to cheat with the road not to mention weapons get progressively weaker with stronger mobs.

2020-11-10 19:02

+7 Delta Real fun, would be great to have a weapon at the start though

2020-11-09 15:02

+7 Craze This was a VERY fun map to play! I liked the Yakuza hahaha
Here is my Gameplay Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hSdqbe5Xh0

2020-11-08 15:34

+2 tywinsoup boring and easy.
same few rounds repeated over and over,
you can just camp the enemy spawn area with a weapon and one-shot kill them endlessly.

2020-11-08 04:43


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