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Night of the Undead

Created by Epicminer720

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Map Info

In this Minecraft map you have to fight your way across 5 different waves killing mobs in order to move onto the next wave.

Each wave gets harder and harder the farther you go, requiring more kills to access the next wave. Kill mobs and sell their drops for XP which you can use in the shops to upgrade your weapons armor, and other items to help you kill the hoard lurking out in the cruel world.

Can you survive and see sunlight again? Let's find out, shall we?


  • Redstone lamp display board to show what wave you are currently on.
  • 5 different waves.
  • 2 hidden rooms.
  • 3 difficulties.
  • Over 500 Command Blocks.

Features Coming Soon

  • More buildings.
  • Special abilities.
  • Easter Eggs.


  • This is for 1 player ONLY.
  • Have your render distance at 8+ chunks.
  • Play with sound on.
  • Gamma should be at 1.0
  • Shaders are not recommended.
  • This map does not work in 1.9.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or ways to make the map better! I am open to any and all suggestions.


Map Details

Creator: Epicminer720
(212 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.8.9
Size: 11.17 MB
Added: 2016-06-02
Downloads: 14,591
Category: PvE Maps


+1 agsinneR On top of the house is a hole that you can go through.




2017-06-26 07:10

+2 damagefury I can't wait for the update of this map. I did a review of it here check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjV0JVDaLv8

2016-06-26 17:52

+3 damagefury Hello my name is damagefury and I did a review of this to start map review series. Here's the link if you want to give it a watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjV0JVDaLv8.

2016-06-25 02:05

+4 NinjaMaster909 This was a good map, but I had a number of problems. For one, even though it says you have 30 seconds between each wave, you only get about 5. Some of the mobs also rarely or never spawn, like the witches and blazes, making each wave drag on for longer than they should, as you go on a wild goose chase looking for just one of those mobs.

2016-06-12 20:09

+3 Myst Xtreme Great concept and I like the arena you put together!

My time was messed up between the rounds, but I don't know if it was lag or something else. I did make a video for my channel:


I'd like to give this another go when you add in those features.

2016-06-06 10:23


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