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Welcome to Mob Rooms by MatosPoljca!

Goal is simple: kill mobs, leave the room. With 18 main rooms, 6 bonus rooms and 4 Boss rooms, it will take you quite a while to do so. Once you spawn, you need to take the STARTER KIT. In it, you will be granted a special pickaxe which is used to leave rooms. After taking the kit, on the opposite wall a button for food will appear. You start with apples, but later on your button gets upgraded to better food. In every room there will be some items or upgrades hidden (or visible) for you to collect. Count what you collect, or you might miss some. Food upgrades upgrade your food, speed upgrades give you speed and haste after leaving start room, and teleport upgrades open the teleport room, which makes you skip many rooms after dying. Oh yes, you will be dying, and respawning. After dying, you are brought back to spawn, but you keep all of your items and upgrades. You will be getting gear, weapons and better room leaver pickaxes to make rooms easier. There are only a few blocks that you can break with the room leaver, so keep an eye out for them! There might be an upgrade hidden behind it! Bonus rooms are not mandatory, but they contain special items that might help you further on. After every death, you will have to go trough every room you already beat, but it will be easier every time because of upgrades and items you get.

WARNING: The map is NOT easy. In spawn room, there are some levers that will give you permanent boosts or nerfs, like resistance, regeneration or weakness. If you are a good player, try with no boosts and no nerfs first. If you are a mediocre player, I recommend playing with regeneration or strength (or both). You can also adjust game difficulty to any value EXCEPT peaceful. Default is normal. Tip: don't try to speedrun the map. You will not make it far...

That's about all I could say, good luck and have fun! :)




2022-04-11 - Map Released.

2022-04-16 - Update v1.1:
-Bonus Room 2 made slightly harder
-Trident speed bonus slightly lower
-Fixed no spawning due to game time, now always set to midnight.

Map Details

Map Creator: Mateja Poljcic
(31 votes)
Map Version: v1.1
Minecraft Version: 1.18.1
File Size: 29 MB
Date Added: 2022-04-11
Downloads: 6,664
Map Category: PvE Maps

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