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Junkyard King

Created by smpmike23

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Map Info:
This map contains a Boss Fight against the Junkyard King. The objective is to find a way to defeat the King. His energy shield is powered by a nearby source and must be disabled before he will take any damage.

To use the NPH Grenades, simply drop one when near a mob and it will detonate. To use the gas arrows, shoot one into the ground or a wall and it will release a gas cloud, affecting nearby enemies. Read the instructions in the starting area for more information.


  • This map was created for Minecraft version 1.8 and will not work with earlier versions, and may not work with future versions.
  • Make sure your Video Settings-Render Distance is at least 8 chunks.
  • Make sure you are using a good quality computer for this map.
  • Use your favorite texture pack, but use the default if you experience lag issues, or set the weather to clear if the lag is really bad.

Required Server Properties:

Map Features:

  • Unique Boss fight with eerie surroundings.
  • NPH Grenades & Gas Arrows.
  • Lightning Sword.
  • Hostile Bats.
  • Hostile Wolf.

Map Details

Creator: smpmike23
(23 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 842 KB
Added: 2014-04-16
Downloads: 25,685
Category: PvE Maps


-1 12Redshen13 Nice map... the boss fight was a bit to easy but nice map :D

2015-05-15 14:01

0 EnderProductions What snapshot version of 1.8.0 is required?

2014-05-24 00:41

0 smpmike23 ICKMAN7: For the grenades I just targeted the dropped items with the new /execute command and killed the surrounding mobs. For the arrows, I targeted them and used the particle command and the effect command to hurt the nearby enemies. To target an entity you use the scoreboard to set an entity's objective with specific data tags. I always read through the wiki for info: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Command

2014-05-04 09:21

0 ICKMAN7 Great map, but how can I implement the grenades and arrows into my map? I don't mean my adventure map, I'm not copying you, but into my local building map, the items are pretty cool.

2014-05-03 18:39

-3 CrzyGamr I couldn't figure it out but good design!

2014-05-02 22:18

+1 blitzcreeper10 awesome map!!!!

2014-04-30 14:57

-1 ------- Quoting jlgraham:
First Comment Oh Yeah AWESOME Map 11/10

Why eleven out of ten, 'cause it's awesome?!

2014-04-25 22:17

+3 the diamond ore you should make a resource pack for this

2014-04-24 21:13

+5 Damion 8/10. This map is amazing. The uses of redstone stunned me. But there seems to be no way to kill the JunkYard King.

2014-04-20 02:46

-2 smpmike23 Wizmor, thank you very much, I appreciate the feedback!

2014-04-19 19:41

+1 Wizmor this deserves a 50/10

2014-04-19 05:26

+6 mkadiya20 cool map i really like the use of 1.8 features

2014-04-17 14:41

+4 smpmike23 Thanks jlgraham for the feedback. I do appreciate your support!

2014-04-17 07:59

+6 jlgraham First Comment Oh Yeah AWESOME Map 11/10

2014-04-17 00:37


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