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Grinch's Revenge

Created by Peeter100

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Grinch's Revenge is a Christmas themed PvE Adventure map. The estimated playtime is 1-2 hours and it supports both single- and multi-player.

[!] WARNING: This map may not run well on older hardware. Please be mindful of this while playing the map.

For people who want to play this on MULTIPLAYER:

1. Use the resource pack in the map files! It's labeled as resources.zip. It's mandatory!

2. Although possible (I haven't tested it though, so good luck), running this on servers and especially free hosts can cause quite a lot of lag server-side.

3. Another thing to mention is the difficulty also scales with the number of players. So playing together won't lead to an easier time etc.

Grinch's Revenge features 5 levels and 1 endless mode, that will challenge your thinking and way of approaching each level. With unique places to battle in, and new enemies added every level, you won't get the later levels first try. (prepare for rage too). This map also has frantic PvE which benefits quick reaction time and thinking players. Although the story of the map is short and simple, it adds to the experience as completing every level and challenge feels like making progress.

If you like this map, check out my YouTube channel, and my Discord. Report any bugs you find there!


Map Details

Creator: Peeter100
(89 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.16.4
Size: 12 MB
Added: 2020-12-21
Downloads: 5,189
Category: PvE Maps

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Iconiu Couldn't turn off the tutorial and it kept getting stuck on "repair part of the house" even though it got repaired and was fully repaired. Couldn't get to the main game.

2021-12-18 17:24


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