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FTZ: Endgame Vol.2

Created by LPMC2

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Map Info

FTZ: Endgame Vol.2 is a PvE Multi-Gamemode map where you can use Guns or Magical Weapons/Tools to fight thought modified enemies and bosses.

Although this map is meant to be played by 1 player, it can support more players(with a super good server)

No Mods required!

<<Resourcepack for Servers>>

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  • 1.  Don't cheat!!!!!!!! - Requies open cheats to work
  • 2.  Play with Minecraft version 1.18.2 if you are playing the newest version(MUST)3.  Click the signs to play
  • 4.  This map is super heavy. If you are using Aternos or any server hosting that has low-medium RAM. It is going to be Super Laggy especially when using rapid-fire weapons.
  • 5.  For guns, Right Click your Mouse to shoot and Sneak(Shift) to Reload
  • 6.  Suggest not to play it on multiplayer as the other player(s) may have bug and heavy lag on server.
  • 7.  Set the Render distance(Including the Simulation Distance one) to 18 or more if you can. Otherwise around 5-10.
  • 8.  Highly suggest not to use any modpacks(Except some mod that it can reduce mob lag), datapacks or resourcepack
  • 9.  Turn up the master voice to hear the gun sounds)
  • 10. Low FPS is not suggested to play this game as it will cause heavy lag(Not as much after Vol.2 Update) when you are playing
  • 11. Don't try to grind mob spawners/spawning too many mobs in ColSkyBlock Mode, it will cause extreme Lag
  • 12. If found carrot on a stick skin for guns/tools, please download the resourcepack and equip it
  • 13. Be aware of lag spikes......



  • 27+ Custom Guns
  • Ammo System
  • Massive amount of Unique Weapons/Tools/Armor
  • Custom Healing System
  • Purchase System for Zombie Apocalyse Mode
  • Stamina System(Because no food required for most modes)
  • Shop for Classic, Zombie Apocalyse, ColSkyblock and Block Defender
  • Gamemodes which all of them are unique in thier own ways
  • Custom Death System(for Multiplayer)
  • Mostly used Functions to create
  • Unique Enemies(With abilities)
  • Custom Gun Skins
  • Custom Advancements & Loottable for ColSkyblock



  • Classic Mode
  • ColSkyblock - Singleplayer ONLY
  • Zombie Apocalyse Mode + Plane Crash Mode
  • Block Defender
  • Tower Protector
  • Boss Fight
  • Cave Mode





Inspired by:


Hypixel Server


Chunk Defender from MinecraftMaps.com


Newbie Difficulty of Boss Fight - Clash Royale


Tool Used:


Gun Development - Raycast System(Before Improving):


Cloud Wolf and Timber Forge from YouTube


Mobs/Items NBT:












Minecraft Heads texture:


3D Models:




Tips and Notes:


1.If you found any button or lever in the classic mode, try to activate it, you can get a weapon from that or something else will happen.


2.The Map in Cave mode is to guide you to explore it


3.Most gamemodes require some skills to win.


4.Always to remember to search those houses as there may have buttons to click when in classic mode


5.The locked doors in the Zombie Apocalypse requires sneaking to open.


6.try to use shaders if you computer is (VERY)good, it is much better then normal one.


7.You can use Optifine to make the experience even better.


8.Use your coins wisely as the shop items will not have a refund


9.Don't try to summon too many Dummies(Skeleton) if you computer cannot handle this



2022-11-17 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: LPMC2
(4 votes)
Map Version: v1.78
Minecraft Version: 1.18.2 (Java)
File Size: 27.08 MB
Date Added: 2022-11-17
Downloads: 734
Map Category: PvE Maps

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