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Castle Tower Defense

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Castle tower defense is a completely vanilla Minecraft tower defense map.  Defend your castle from 20 increasingly difficult waves of custom zombies. For every zombie that makes it to your castle you lose 1 life. You lose the game when your lives reach 0. The waves cycle through 4 unique zombie types: Basic, Speedy, Swarm, and Armored. Each zombie type has its own strengths and weaknesses, learn how to counter them. At the beginning of each wave you get gold.  You get more gold as the waves progress. 

You can spend gold on turrets, upgrades, bows, and arrows. You gain bonus gold the more zombies you kill. There are 3 types of turret: Arrow, Splash, and Frost.  Each turret has their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Each turret can be upgraded to level 3. Each level greatly increases the turrets strength. 

Before you enter the game you will choose a difficulty. The difficulty affects how much gold you get per wave, how much gold you start with, and how many lives you start with.  If you manage to survive past wave 20 without losing all your lives, then you win the game. The game includes a reset feature for continued replaying/retrying.

Multiplayer might not work. This map was made with the intention of being multiplayer capable. However there is a bug with the structure spawners that spawn the turrets. The structure spawners lags servers to the point of crashing. It does not work with LAN either. It might work if you have an extremely powerful computer. Otherwise it probably won't work.  Sorry for the inconvenience. It might be fixed at a later time, but until further notice this map is not multiplayer friendly.

Version 1.1 Update:
- Difficulty now scales the amount of gold received per wave.
- Added game win feature back up. Just click the spawn wave button after wave 20 if the game win feature did not auto engage.
- Balanced the waves even more. Now it should be easier.


2013-10-01 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: NateT_Bird
(54 votes)
Map Version: v1.1
Minecraft Version: 1.6.2
File Size: 1.6 MB
Date Added: 2013-10-01
Downloads: 112,720
Map Category: PvE Maps

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