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Basebuilders Minigame

Created by KustiID

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Map Info

  • Basebuilders minigame has been updated to 2.0
  • Minecraft game version 1.14.3

What is basebuilders minigame?

You build a base, you defend it from zombies! That's easy, right? Or is it?

2.0 Updates:

  • New arena!
  • New kits!
  • New timer setup!
  • New enchant system!
  • Tons of bug fixes!
  • New shop!
  • Added creepers, skeletons!

If you like it, give me some feedback!

If you didn't like the map you can add a comment below with what you didn't like ツ


Map Details

Creator: KustiID
(44 votes)
Version: 2.0
MC Version: 1.14.3
Size: 1.57 MB
Added: 2021-03-05
Downloads: 4,459
Category: PvE Maps


Lucky why does it say comment what you dont like like they know its broken

2021-12-31 19:14

Lucky I tried the map thought it would be fun and I died no one else is playing and the game is still going and I haven't spawned back at the spawn and I dont know how restart and cant

2021-12-31 19:11

DragonPlayer55 The maps good based on purpose but... everything is broken or too much, too many mobs and 3mins to build a base which is hardly able to help in surviving, ur entire map is broken because when u kill a person
1. He has to stay in that box with slime blocks for 5 mins or less
2. Theres a big hole in the wall which is easy to jump out of and cuz ur in survival then u can break all blocks and stuff outside and inside that box
3. U can kill mobs outside that and still get the counter of kills to increase

Biggest problem is ur shop and bank and everything is giving things without the levels so u gain every item in the map without doing anything u just need to press a button to get anything.
Some materials in shop should be in high quantity, so cobwebs should be given a full stack, when giving netherrack there should not be a flint and steel with it also it should be a full stack of netherrack

2021-09-17 21:12

MaxDeMan1 So basically I build a tower, as soon as the round starts I have such little gear, 50 spiders spawn ontop of me and a bunch of zombies and everything spawn in? Then when I die, I am forced into some weird slime block area and have to wait for the match to be over? What match it's literally a singleplayer map!

2021-07-04 12:52


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