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Created by CrazyMonkeyChip

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WORLD'S HARDEST PUZZLE MAP!!! That's right! 10 unique levels of pure evil! Can you complete it?

Disclaimer: This map is NOT easy! it was created for pros, so do not get mad at me if you are stuck or can't win. All levels have been tested and ARE possible.

This map is lava themed because lava is evil like this map, and it was created with PrestonPlayz in mind.

All levels are unique and multiplayer friendly. If you do find any glitches please tell me, I would like to fix them as soon as possible.

-Sincerely, CrazyMonkeyChip

P.S. If you enjoy the map, watch for my World's Hardest Parkour Map.


Map Details

Creator: CrazyMonkeyChip
(37 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 1.4 MB
Added: 2019-01-10
Downloads: 1,827
Category: Puzzle Maps


+2 Untracker How have you made such a poorly designed map that literally punishes you for trying to play it. Can't even go into creative to get into the start area even though your map spawns the player outside. The puzzles are also really finicky. This is absolutely NOT a multiplayer map, I played this in a group of 3 and one person ended up getting all the items. Also, in one of the levels all three of us were trapped in one block and we couldn't see anything. Next time try to treat the player fairly by making a decent map.

2019-08-23 21:26

-1 Michael Is it multiplayer???

2019-01-11 16:10

-3 CrazyMonkeyChip Feel free to ask for help if you need it in the feedback section.

2019-01-11 15:37

+12 Dieuwt Well, this map was absolutely terrible. What was I expecting with a map name like that really.
You know what a puzzle map... is, right? Not asking a few (incorrect too!) questions, not find the button. And also not pressing a hundred buttons. Puzzle maps require critical thinking; I have these tools, how do I use 'em?
You can't call a map like this a "hardest" "puzzle" "map" (I've not only seen harder maps, I've also seen puzzle maps) if it either isn't hard or impossible (that's right all three answers to the command question were incorrect!), if the tools you are supposed to get are literally impossible to figure out except trial and error, and the puzzles that looked the most like puzzles are dead easy.

This isn't a puzzle map. It's a preston fanboy, find-the-button , incorrect-trivi a, badly-designed troll map. At most. So I suggest the rename "Just Another Easy Crafting Puzzle With Some Dumb Questions". Thoughts?

2019-01-11 10:36


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