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Virtual Blocks

Created by FlowGD

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Map Info

Virtual Blocks is a puzzle/parkour map in which your world is a simulation. You have a device that can switch between this world and the simulated matrix underlying it. The world contains colored doors, consoles, gravity switchers, passthrough blocks, and much more.

The map contains 30 levels of increasing difficulty, features being introduced every ~4 levels. The last level will test you on every feature the map has introduced.

You will have to balance many features of the map at once, using the switching device when needed. Some objects can only exist in the simulated world, some can only exist in the Base, which is the matrix layered behind the world. Colored doors, likewise, have different behaviors in both of these realms, however others, such as gravity, don't.


The map contains a Timed Mode, where nothing feature-related is changed, except that the game keeps track of the time you took to complete each level, as well as the total time, in ticks and seconds. Speedrunning the map may still take over 30 minutes, as some levels are quite long and feature moderately difficult parkour.

Other Info

If you find any bugs, please message me on Twitter or leave a message on this map page. I have playtested the map multiple times. In the case that you have lag, try pressing F3+A to reload chunks.


Map Details

Creator: FlowGD
(29 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 8.6 MB
Added: 2019-01-09
Downloads: 2,303
Category: Puzzle Maps

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-2 Tezzi A vary nice and creative map.But I still stop play it, as Hunter1220 say,this map have so many parkour that can not forgive player's mistakes,and I think as classification of this map,it can't put a lot of parkour on it,yes, you can put "a few" parkour on a puzzle map for fun,but you should not set it too hard (I am not a parkour god or novice,but I think a puzzle map should not have hard parkour like that).

2019-01-23 08:21

+1 A_Random_Player2 normally i skip parkour games, but this one makes me want to finish. really good.

2019-01-12 11:36

+4 Hunter1220 A very nice concept but I stopped playing once it became unforgiving. The game is fine and forgives the player for making mistakes during parkour sessions during the first few levels but once the unstable blocks are introduced all mercy seems lost. No stairs/ladder for missing your jump, you're forced to reset the level losing any progress you made. Up until that point, the map is definitely interesting and could be quite fun, but I feel it needs to be made a bit more forgiving before I can truly recommend it unless you are a parkour god.

2019-01-10 07:23

0 Allorenitus You should make it coop

2019-01-09 23:51

0 SuperGamersGames Looks fantastic, I'll check it out later.

2019-01-09 18:24


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