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The Unremitting Room

Created by yomikester238

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Map Info

This map is a fun puzzle map in which you have to solve 60 rooms in order to reach a climactic and exciting ending!! Based off of the game, "That Level Again," created by IamTagir, this is a game that starts off easy, but gradually grows to be more and more difficult. The concept of this game is interesting as it is the same room repeated, but always with a twist in which the player truly has to think outside of the box! I hope you guys enjoy..... The Unremitting Room!!

For instructions on best game play and other info!

  • Inside download folder is Resource Pack and World download!
  • Resource Pack is titled That Level Again Resource Pack. World save is titled That Level Again
  • Moody to 15 lighting is for best gameplay
  • Tested only in single player (mulitplayer probably won't work)
  • Estimated game play is about 2 hours
  • Only play in adventure mode
  • Have fun! Tutorials are linked if needed!

Here's the links to tutorials and the games that helped inspire my creation!!

Tutorial Link

IamTagir's That Level Again (Android)

IamTagir's That Level Again (Apple)

Also, big thanks to HEROBREAD for inspiring me to make my own creation!


-Level 13 fixed half bed glitch
-Also reformatted red concrete on level 13
-Fixed button to not be spammed on level 43
-Updated blacklight message for further instruction on the level
-Made item frame unbreakable on blacklight level
-Lowered amount of attempts for hint on level 60
-More minor details fixed to better experience

-Fixed Morning Sunshine with concrete powder and pressure plate needed to exit
-Fixed level 13 again with redstone and emergency button
-Added Lure to fishing rod and Easter Egg title level for more speedy fishing
-Fixed level 27 redstone delay
-Updated every single room with barrier blocks outside the window
-Lowered amount of attempts needed to complete try again level to three
-Changed Riddles level name to 4 Riddles
-For Decode Me level added a fix to language barrier
-Level 36 added hopper system to give back shears in case dropped

-Fixed level 13 and added emergency button
-Fixed "The Cycle of Life" level by covering unwanted breakable dirt with bedrock
-Fixed block missing in "Shhh Music's Too Loud" level
-Added hi

-Fixed level 13 by adding emergency win button.
-Fixed "The Cycle of Life" level by covering unwanted breakable dirt with bedrock



2021-03-31 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: yomikester238
(58 votes)
Map Version: v1.4
Minecraft Version: 1.16.4 (Java)
File Size: 55 MB
Date Added: 2021-03-31
Downloads: 11,228
Map Category: Puzzle Maps

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