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The Twist Labs

Created by warco311

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The Twist Labs - An Adventure / Puzzle Map for two players.

Tired, after a long day you go to bed - but this time everything seems different.

What's actually a dream turns out to be an exciting happening. Why are you caught in the same dream? Why is so much known to you? Will your friendship last?

A journey through the (map-) experiences of the past.

Made by warco311, MaxLoewe & christina_12.


  • Please read the Readme in the download file! Really, do it!
  • For story output, captions, and minor adjustments the attached resource pack is mandatory for both players.
  • The map needs enable-command-block=true and allow-flight=true in server.properties when played on a server.

Rules of Use

  • You are not allowed to upload the map elsewhere, but you are welcome to you link the download post if you like it :)
  • Also when publishing screenshots or videos please link to the post for other players to find our map.
  • The map has cost us a lot of work and time, please respect this rules.

Previous Maps

Take a look at our three previous maps. It's best you play these three before this one to have even more fun and to understand this map completely!

A let's play can be found on our YouTube channel.

Thanks to Fortune Ventures for recording it and creating the post images :)


We are looking forward to your feedback! How did you like the map?

Please write us on YouTube or in the comments below.

Have fun and thank you for playing :)


Map Details

Creator: warco311
(225 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 3.2 MB
Added: 2018-02-20
Downloads: 54,238
Category: Puzzle Maps


+6 warco311 Please find the latest version of this maps on minecraft.curseforge.com
Search for: "The Twist Labs (Remastered)"

2019-06-08 17:52

+3 lord how do you finish room 25?

2018-07-20 18:27

0 Yeray and Lucie The best 2 player map that we played in our life. More than 6 hours playing it.

2018-07-20 12:11

+14 Golden Sword i don’t know if i finished the map or there still more . please can you tell me how much levels there are ?

2018-06-11 20:05

0 Golden Sword can more than 2 players play this mab ?

2018-06-11 12:34

+5 LightWood Hello creators of this map! I want to say that "The Twist Labs" one of my favourite map I've ever player. I enjoyed it with my sister. I hope We'll see new great maps from you. Thank you!

2018-06-05 09:20

-2 It is me Very good map but the cutscenes are very repetitive and are really too numerous. It's boring and it breaks the rhythm of the gameplay ;)

2018-06-02 22:56

+4 TheAwesomeH fun game i love everything about it

2018-05-29 16:12

-22 TheGreatTaz when you make a new map you should be making original puzzles not just copy pasting old ones from your other maps

2018-04-07 02:04

+4 Mr_Creeblaze The map is very well done. The special effect is coherent with the time of pubblication of map.The levels are original, I have never seen that enigms. Also of the point of view of costruction is a very good map. Congratulation to the creator of the map.

2018-04-04 06:21

+7 warco311 Quoting Dark:
I'm quite disappointed in this map tbh. It's just a rehash of previous puzzles. From what I can tell, no new imput. I just feel very confused on why this map was even made to be honest.

Well, this was the idea: To sum up (and rework) the best rooms and add an interessting twist and story. I'm sure other players have fun with it :) And they will find the new things in it.

2018-04-03 12:48

-24 Dark I'm quite disappointed in this map tbh. It's just a rehash of previous puzzles. From what I can tell, no new imput. I just feel very confused on why this map was even made to be honest.

2018-03-25 23:01

+5 Simsalabimmi Yeah! This map i very good and me and my friend like it very much!

2018-03-04 13:07

-12 KforKittyKat its just a rip off of the prismarine lab

2018-03-01 21:07


2018-02-22 01:58


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