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Created by ChaseEpic

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Welcome to The Puzzle Hub! This map consists of 8 different puzzles, all with a different style and difficulty of gameplay. This map has 60+ minutes of playing time, based on how fast you can complete each puzzle.

The different puzzles in the map include:

  • The Box Puzzle
  • The Puzzle Stages
  • The Water Streams Puzzle
  • The Shards Collection Puzzle
  • The Glass Chambers Puzzle (My Favourite)
  • The Piston Puzzle
  • The Odd One Out Puzzle

This is my first uploaded map, and I plan to make more, so I hope you enjoy and have fun!


  • Play on version 1.17
  • Play on adventure mode
  • Play on peaceful

There are more specific in game rules that are mentioned in the main lobby.


Map Details

Creator: ChaseEpic
(65 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.17
Size: 19.3 MB
Added: 2021-07-22
Downloads: 5,871
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 Jk Ethernet Your map just pretends to be good. In fact behind this mask of skillful play there are a terribly illogical instances where the player just asks himself if they deserve such pain of being smart but not being able to win regardless because of the terrible construction of levels and asking the player to be God in order to solve some unreasonable puzzles.

2021-09-01 20:53

0 drC I usually never comment or add feedbacks generally, but I couldn't refrain from writing here: I used to have a Grandpa smoking a lot; they always said 'Don't smoke or you'll end up like Grandpa and have a cancer'. I listened to them and I never touched a cigarette in my whole life. However while my Grandpa smoked everyday and still he was fine, I got cancer playing this map anyways since it's terribly made: I can't describe the amount of pain I felt during the past hours and I've never cheated so much in a map. The ideas of some puzzles are really nice, but they are badly made and they can't render a good product, but an annoying unity of frustration. Thinking about the solution of a puzzle is easier when you know the solution itself, but not when you're playing for the first time. Now I'm gonna have fun with a rope, regards.

2021-09-01 20:53

+1 Qwant next time maybe make either a hint book or a answer book cause i keep on getting stuck

2021-08-11 08:12

+1 OnePointZero Definitely agree with a lot of what BlokVader said, especially on the Glass Rooms. There's way too many small steps like hitting obscure buttons or levers that don't seem to do anything, or scouring the map looking for random changes that open up for almost no reason, and repeating that over and over again, which is super frustrating, and not what makes a puzzle good.

Simpler is often better. I know making things seem convoluted might be fun, but that's only in hindsight for you as the map creator. It's not fun to play for us because you throw tons of obstacles that don't help us to feel like we're making progress. Instead, it makes us do more and more chores and backtracking, which all happen to be guessing games most of the time. I think there's truth in saying if it weren't for all the intermediate steps, your map wouldn't have nearly as much content.

I recommend you to change up your style of making puzzles. A good puzzle's job is to make the player feel clever for solving it, while also teaching them an interesting lesson about the way things work in your map. It needs to have an "Aha!" moment, which leads to them being able to finish it. This means the puzzle should be as elegant and trimmed down as possible, in order to hone in on that clever aspect. The less bells and whistles, the better. Don't think in terms of "do this, then this, then this." I'd say to think of a puzzle as making one giant bell, or one giant whistle, if that makes sense. Your Water Room puzzle is a good example of this, because it's straightforward and consistent, except it's missing that "Aha!" moment. Then there's the route of making something "seemingly" straightforward , where you allow players to trick themselves into thinking they've figured it out already, and you get to pull the rug out from under them.

So in summary: be more straightforward with how you present your puzzles. Don't hide things from players just to slow them down. Test them in other ways. Instead of forcing players to do a bunch of chores, try and challenge their creativity and critical thinking on one or two fronts at a time. Less is more.

Not sure how helpful this is to you, but these are my thoughts.

2021-08-01 07:41

+2 ChaseEpic Quoting 3rdPolarBear:
Am stuck on the shards puzzle please help

There are a lot of things I need to update, as difficulties turned out to be harder than I expected, but that puzzle there, all the hints you need are within the journals.

2021-07-29 21:06

+2 soruhetsu this was the most frustrating and broken map i've ever played

2021-07-29 20:19

+2 cheiraaleite it sucks, some levels dont even make sense

2021-07-28 20:05

+1 3rdPolarBear Am stuck on the shards puzzle please help

2021-07-25 00:14

-2 ChaseEpic Thanks for the recommendations . I definetly have a lot to fix, and thanks for the feedback.

2021-07-24 20:35

+9 BlokVader It's really annoying, the puzzles are so frustrating. It feels like there wasn't any testing in the map, no outside players tried it for themselves beforehand.
The Water Room is simple and interesting, and probably the best thing here puzzle-wise, although the building itself could've looked nicer
The Shards one was a really good concept and actually fun and engaging, albeit really short, but genuinely fun
The Box Puzzle was kinda cool, but I really still have no clue how you were meant to figure out the lever combination, and it wasn't too fun
The Trident puzzle is so annoying and difficult for absolutely no reason.
The Piston puzzle was just uninteresting and wasn't fun level 2 onwards.
The first level of the Puzzle Stages wasn't good, but the other 2 were actually really fun and cool to figure out. In the red one though, to get the lever in the shulker box above you, I still have no clue how you're supposed to do it legit, because I jumped from the trapdoor and pressed Q to throw the lever out of the box, which I'm sure was not the genuine solution.
The Odd one out was just infuriating, I'm not a fan of "which doesn't belong" maps, but this took it to the next level of annoyance.
The Glass Rooms, you say it's your favourite, I have no clue how you're meant to figure out anything. There is little to no guidance, and I was genuinely wondering if it was even built correctly, and i got trapped in a room because my arrow despawned in the first room on the wooden floor button.

Overall things to fix, the particles on the potion effects are really annoying, so put "true" at the end of the command to turn them off, and please add indications whenever things happen, it's not good when you don't know what happens if you hit a lever (especially in the trident one). Maybe a hint system of some kind would be good, a book for the glass puzzle would be very useful, and there's simply no reason to make everything extraordinarily difficult, challenge is good, but having it be infuriatingly hard isn't an incentive to come back and finish.

This map is a good creation with great ideas, but the execution just left me feeling upset personally, someone probably has a different take, and this will probably get downvoted beyond belief because it's negative, but I really do feel like there are some things that could be changed.

2021-07-23 23:59

+2 lunik can i play it with friends?

2021-07-23 21:10


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