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Pure Void

Created by Sparkour

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The #Pure series is a collection of Minecraft-maps that are simple, fun, easy and short. Pure Void has the same block effects from the most recent map, and two new ones. The 50 second long trailer sums up the entire game, and everything there is to know about it. 

This game does contain parkour elements. It is in the Puzzle category because there are simply more puzzles then there is parkour. 


Map Details

Creator: Sparkour
(50 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 380.76 KB
Added: 2019-03-02
Downloads: 3,669
Category: Puzzle Maps

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+1 DcanO Gaming Just uploaded my Part one to this map on youtube It was a lot of fun thanks man. great map!

2019-03-04 23:04

0 Power Gamer Plays This was a lot of fun. I uploaded my playthrough to youtube

2019-03-04 22:27

+1 Sparkour HEADS UP! This game is not multiplayer compatible! The map does not work in multiplayer! The map is made for one player!

2019-03-04 22:22

+1 Lex Can you play multiplayer?

2019-03-04 15:45

0 oofboi is this multiplayer compatible

2019-03-03 19:10

0 Ronyn Short ans sweet but still reasonably challenging! Great Map!

Played it on the YouTubes:

2019-03-02 22:39


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