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Moments Synchronized

Created by skyp

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Moments Synchronized! A difficult 2 player puzzle map, by me; skyp. One player; escaping a prison to cross the border, and the other; helping, by finding the fuel and getting ingredients to forge a key.

Just note that, this is more like 2 singleplayer maps; in one (and each player plays their half) though in some situations player 1 must help player 2 (and player 1/2 can sometimes see the solutions to puzzles for player 2/1). But, this is not a singleplayer map.


Map Details

Creator: skyp
(83 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 2.3 MB
Added: 2019-10-27
Downloads: 15,600
Category: Puzzle Maps


-3 Seagoddess Map was garbage. Parkcour too difficult and hints too vague. Not well made.

2021-07-23 03:58

0 Jakex1474 TL;DR: Its an incomplete and messy map that has too many possibilities for you to screw up and need to reset the map.

Literally impossible without cheating. Things aren't explained at all. The gas section of P1 allows a skip without obtaining the gas first. First trading post will screw over one player if you trade the iron bar cutters (shears). No pink wool to continue quarts pillars on P1 side. Hints aren't helpful.

2021-05-16 04:02

+13 Dogkeeper38 My friend and I got to the end where you have to put the fuel/slimeballs into the hopper. We did as it instructed but nothing happened. We tried to look at the command blocks to see if we could fix it but we couldn't figure it out.

2019-11-06 01:07

-13 TordTorden You literally can't reach the button beneath the rock in Water 1 without going into creative mode and removing a block. At the point where you can place the crafting table on purple wool, there are two purple wools to place it on, and if you pick the wrong one, it cannot be reset. The map is neither well crafted, the pacing is slow, and the interactions between players is rarely more interesting than hit a single button, or trade over an item. While the idea itself is good, the execution is poor

2019-10-30 08:00

+13 kaiispie searched for 12 years to find the pink wool to place a lever on to get past the quartz pillars, never found it. We had to cheat to complete the map. We even looked for it in spectator afterwards.

2019-10-30 05:33


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