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Created by Henzoid

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"If you don't hate each other just a little bit more after playing this map, you're doing it wrong."

Welcome to The Department of Miscommunications

We're here to test your abilities to communicate with each other under extreme limitations. Whether it be high-stakes, or literally prohibiting speech itself, you three will have to figure out how to work together without really working together. Think you have what it takes not to fall prone to miscommunications?


  • 7 puzzles and 6 transitional activities
  • 1-2 hours of arguing gameplay
  • 3 players exactly, no more, no less
  • Includes a custom resourcepack (see below)
  • Puzzle rules are for the most part moderated by the players, so it's up to you to follow the rules and complete the puzzles the way they're intended.
  • The map is made to be played by three people in a voice call, not using chat. For the most part, the use of chat is prohibited in the map.


This map includes a map-specific resourcepack, but also includes a nearly-full resourcepack, also made by me, for the aesthetic design. Because this is a multiplayer map, and some servers don't auto-load built-in resourcepacks, I'll provide a download link below.



v1.2 (10/25/20)
- Reworked entire walking puzzle
- Retextured a few blocks
- Fixed a bug that kept players from being able to craft in certain situations

v1.1 (10/24/20)
- Rebalanced some puzzles
- Made some puzzles easier
- Made some instructions clearer
- Fixed an issue where when a player left and rejoined, the game would reset back to the first puzzle


Map Details

Creator: Henzoid
(119 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.16.3
Size: 25.3 MB
Added: 2020-10-24
Downloads: 6,223
Category: Puzzle Maps

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+6 Rylen789 Quoting OakDragon253:
The map worked well, but it was not fun. Honestly, it just exists to make you mad. If that is something your friends would enjoy then this is the map for you.

that's kinda the point lol

2020-11-10 00:28

+13 arian i played this map with two of my best friend and we actually had a really good time! it's not at all frustrating as long as you play with the right people, but the last level was impossible for us to solve. even after looking around in spectator, we didn't understand what we were supposed to do at all to a point.

2020-11-08 03:40

+8 Aluminosity This map blew my mind with how good it is- I loved every part of it, were not completely done with it but this map gave us around 5 hours of complete laughter and frustration over everything. We look forward to finishing and this map is so underrated, my god. Every level is so unique and there were some places we cheated just because there was no way we could identify things or do them the way they were purposed without it taking hours, for example describing the concept of time to someone only using words completely unrelated and random my god- but we tried to keep as close to it as possible, and we were able to figure everything out, so nothing was too overcomplicated . One of the best maps Ive done, if I could do it again, I would, ten times over. I might do it again with other friends, because although Ill know what to expect, im sure there will be different formulas and the people playing are different in each game so its never quite the same experience. Thank you for bringing us this map, and although we had our moments, I think this brought us closer together more than anything :)

2020-11-07 19:43

+5 estee it's so well-made! really fun and somewhat frustrating map, my favourite so far :))

2020-11-07 04:22

+5 Owen Stuck on the last bit would love a walk through but over all good map

2020-11-07 01:50

+6 MineatomTR Quoting Matteoka:
Is the resource pack necessary for this map?

I don't think it would work as intended without the texture pack

2020-11-05 13:49

+4 Owen Stuck at the part with the beacon and we in differernt room

2020-11-03 02:01

+3 Potato This map was awesome!

2020-11-01 14:19

+1 Grassy Extremely good map. I don't know if OakDragon253 was smoking drugs when he was writing the review but I can say that this map was a blast.

2020-11-01 03:41

+2 DesireAndDream This map is fantastic! It's tough finding good three-player puzzle maps, and this was way beyond our expectations. Please make more; my friends and I will be waiting!

2020-11-01 03:37

+3 ruby 5/5. Don't listen to the tilted clowns in the comments. This map is exceptionally fun. Play with 3 people in a voice call.

2020-11-01 03:30

+2 Tobi A very fun, but tricky map, great design and made us rage, laugh be happy, and anything between, loved it.

2020-10-28 19:54

+4 Henzoid Quoting OakDragon253:
The map worked well, but it was not fun. Honestly, it just exists to make you mad. If that is something your friends would enjoy then this is the map for you.

This is actually totally fair - you'll have a much better time if you go into this with people who you're good friends with, because a lot of the map is about your interpersonal interactions, and if you don't have a dynamic to work off of... well, it sort of just boils itself down to a bunch of simple mechanics.

2020-10-28 04:48

+6 Matteoka Is the resource pack necessary for this map?

2020-10-27 12:36

-22 OakDragon253 The map worked well, but it was not fun. Honestly, it just exists to make you mad. If that is something your friends would enjoy then this is the map for you.

2020-10-25 23:31

+13 GaXe395 i would like a walkthrough

2020-10-25 13:03


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