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Created by Silvathor

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Logicless is a non-euclidean puzzle map.

In this one you will be in a strange dark place where the logic will challenge your brain.

Will you be able to ignore the tipping of your screen?

Forget everything you know. Up can be down, left goes right and right goes left. The walls move, the floor slips away and madness awaits you.

Welcome to my mind and good luck.

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Creator: Silvathor
(113 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.18.1
Size: 7 MB
Added: 2021-12-06
Downloads: 3,669
Category: Puzzle Maps

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mtndew314 The puzzle solving was good.
But there were so many POS design elements.
Like the arrow dispenser on the smoker pillar jump.
A smoker right at a cp waiting to spawnkill.
The unsidedown knockback skeleton.

Like, if you wanna make a troll map then make a troll map.
Don't put pointless troll elements into your puzzle map.

2022-01-21 07:39

BirdLogic This is a really cool map! Unfortunately, it broke after the piston puzzle when you climb up the ladder. It went into swim/crawl mode, and attempting to tp down a block to try to fix it broke the map entirely.

2022-01-11 01:06

Cheves Horrible horrible horrible. The guesswork you gotta do is ridiculous.

2022-01-09 20:37

Big Boi I played it coop and it broke

2022-01-05 19:42

Jacob How much people can play ? :)

2021-12-23 23:23

anonymous this is so bad , so many glitches and bugs

2021-12-23 06:15

InkNat I played through the whole map, I enjoyed every second of it. The puzzles were challenging, but solvable. The upside down effects and all the weird stuff was confusing, but really cool. I loved the ending, it feels like a real story. It's a great map.


2021-12-22 00:36

Lil_Barton uhhhh my HEAD bro
how the frick did you achieve this with just a frickin datapack

2021-12-21 21:53

Ice What fun! That was thoroughly impressive and mind-boggling! You did such an excellent job and pulled some amazing tricks I've never seen in this game before. Outstanding work! (I will try again later to get a different ending, too)

2021-12-21 15:03

Pramerios Pretty awesome game! Beat it in one sitting, but got the bad end! I'll have to try harder for the better one, haha.

2021-12-21 07:23

Arizrain Hello,
I'm from the Rsmv.net Server and we would love
to have your map on our server. Fantastic map!
I think our players would love it,
and of course, you would be credited
along with the download page and/or your website.
I know its up for public download, but we have players
who's computers can't handle that.
Please let me know if you would have any issues with this.

Thank you!

Discord: Arizrain#9723

2021-12-15 17:51

brightfire123 could we get a walkthrough? I'm on the netherite block push with pistons par and I'm confused on how to get passed it ;-;

2021-12-15 02:34

Evan Map was very well made, pretty trippy however puzzles seemed fair. Overall I enjoyed the map

2021-12-13 01:20

Princess-Daisy Could anyone make a horror map based on the movie Skyline from 2010 please?

2021-12-11 01:38

Hotdogbananaman This is amazing. I love the diversions and confusion and the fact that everyone I know is wrong. 10/10 would recommend

2021-12-08 01:39

Phantom I've played maybe 10 minutes of this map so far and it is so trippy, its incredible how you've made this map I love it. I don't know how but you scared me like twice so far hahah.

2021-12-07 14:44

FireWolfMike In an area after crafting the key, I found a spot where I think you forgot to put blocks or something, because I'm stuck upside down and cannot move

2021-12-07 01:28


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