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Created by FingerMaps

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LightBox is a brand new map from FingerMaps which combines cool puzzles and textures, along with an awesome shader!

It's a fun puzzle map where a test subject must mark on a journey through a non-euclidiean world solving puzzles using blocks to split, rotate and redirect particles to activate energy cubes and allow players to pass through the next chamber... do you have what it takes to solve this puzzle map and become the lightbox master?

When you're done there's more to explore, with a full custom level editor system people can publish levels they made with others from across the globe & play the challenges that have been made for them!


Map Details

Creator: FingerMaps
(20 votes)
Version: 1.5
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 35.3 MB
Added: 2021-04-26
Downloads: 2,409
Category: Puzzle Maps

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0 Technodono Quoting AquaMentai87:
When I try to upload it to a serve it says its an invalid world.

you need to remove the special characters in the name of the world... some server services don't like the colour code charecter

2021-05-02 06:32

+1 AquaMentai87 When I try to upload it to a serve it says its an invalid world.

2021-04-30 20:05

0 gamingkeks284LP game keeps crashing when i try to open it :/

2021-04-29 10:39

+2 BigDiamond2000 Loved it! tho hint system would be very useful.

2021-04-27 04:12


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