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Created by Henzoid, CrazyCowMM

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This map requires Snapshot 21w14a.

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Welcome, students, to the simulation! Feel free to take it in briefly, but then it’s time for your first lesson! Inside this fully virtual interface, you’ll be asked to solve puzzles using our patented chromatic technology, swapping between a world bright with color, and a darker, sadder one of only black and grey.


Greyscale contains thirteen levels of increasing complexity, but don’t worry, you’re not alone! You’ll be joined by our virtual assistant, the Simulated Intelligence Multiple-Personality System (or S.I.M.P.S. for short). SIMPS’ job is to help you along the way with guidance and encouragement, but also to monitor your progress. In order to create an unbiased learning environment, its voice will change for every lesson!

You’ll need to be playing on Version 21w14a, and please remember that this is NOT a group project, so you’ll be going into this one solo.



Voice Actors


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- Fixed wall-jumping, making it more consistent

- Fixed the many, many things that broke in v1.1


Map Details

Creator: Henzoid, CrazyCowMM
(53 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 21w14a
Size: 49 MB
Added: 2021-09-20
Downloads: 1,763
Category: Puzzle Maps

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0 Munjikii How do I swap the colors?

2021-10-25 16:00

0 crabaconda Quoting reesylou:
Working in 21w14a, map loads... can hear the voice no problem, but when I flick the start lever, nothing happens

Same thing happens to me

2021-10-23 22:28

+2 reesylou Working in 21w14a, map loads... can hear the voice no problem, but when I flick the start lever, nothing happens

2021-10-20 04:19

+2 WarmWater Hey the map isn't starting when flipping the lever. I played on the snapshot version as it's the mc version stated above. I tried playing on 1.17.1, but it won't let me play the map, because it was last played on the snapshot version and on 1.17.1 is displaying the message "Loading of world with extended height is disabled". So I can't play the map please help!

2021-10-19 12:03

0 Super So this isn't multiplayer compatible?

2021-10-15 12:00

-1 CarbonGaming i loved the lessons 1-8 but 9-final were missing prisms at least 1 each

2021-10-12 18:29

+1 A_certain_commie Great map had a lot of fun

2021-10-09 22:14

+4 Vy Very well done. Very fun, interesting and unique map, the puzzle difficulty increase was also well done. Overall this map is incredibly well made, nice job

2021-09-27 03:30

+2 ali Thank you guys this map was so fun

2021-09-26 23:54

+4 hatetheworld amazing map diff voice acctors

2021-09-26 14:23

+5 gidi30 Quoting XxDreamerGalxX:
Map won't load and I can't enter the map

did you play on 21w14a?

2021-09-22 10:48

-3 XxDreamerGalxX Map won't load and I can't enter the map

2021-09-21 12:20


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