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Franka33's Puzzle Challenge

Created by Franka33

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Hey everyone,

You might know me from puzzle map The Miness.
This time I created a kind of escape room.
No backstory, just some puzzles I hope you will like.

This map is multiplayer compatible and can be played by anyone, even without a lot of Minecraft experience.

You only need the direction keys (WASD) and the action key (right mouse click).


v1.1 (14-05-2021):
- Before opening the final exit door you get a reminder if you're sure (in case you want to find remaining points).
- There were a few spots you could get stuck, I fixed those.
- One map was not completely filled out.
- When playing co-op you can no longer lock your partner up accidentally (or otherwise ;-).


Map Details

Creator: Franka33
(51 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 6.8 MB
Added: 2021-03-28
Downloads: 5,411
Category: Puzzle Maps


-2 Else_JunSuk Perfect clear!!!!!!
so cool map
A map where even Koreans will cry!

2021-07-15 04:30

0 sekaus Sorry, too hard for me I only got 44/85 but a pretty good. map 4/5 stars for this map!

2021-06-04 17:30

0 Gabe played on a livestream, got about halfway through before rage quitting lmao. one of my favorite maps tho

2021-05-27 00:23

0 LeeFiSH I got 82 points!!!!
But iI don't know how to get the diamond in the ''combination for the arrows on the jars of particles'' room;(
It's still a very very very funny puzzle. I like your maps very much.

2021-05-25 19:28

+1 WindRunner360 Amazing map, I found 77/85 points but couldn't figure out the combination to open the left door in that room. I also missed a diamond puzzle somewhere else and a gold block somewhere I think. Thank you for this amazingly fun map though!!

2021-04-18 21:49

+3 Liontack Very nice puzzles!!! Very fun!
I got 72 points out of 85 and couldn't find any more solutions XD

2021-03-31 13:52

+1 TheFoxOverlord Really cool map, it felt so good to figure out a puzzle! I was able to get 79/85 points, I think the only things I couldn't figure out were how to open the door to the close left of the five arrows puzzle and the combination for the arrows on the jars of particles. Amazing map!

2021-03-30 23:14


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