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Fairy Tale 11 Ways to Die

Created by Starflyr3

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I have (finally) finished my first Ways to Die map!

Fairy Tale 11 Ways to Die was inspired by my daughters and their love of all things Fairy Tale. (My son, and his utter *hatred* of all things Fairy Tale inspired the "Ways to Die" version.)

The level concepts come from a mixture of Grimm's Fairy Tales, Disney/Pixar, Dreamworks Animation, and Warner Brothers, though the build was 100% done by me, from scratch, without templates. It was beta tested by Darkflower73 and Starflyr (for whom it was made), and by my son, BMGStormtrooper1, who (hopefully) found all the "cheat" ways to die.

Levels are from many places, including the realm of the Snow Queen, China, the Pacific Islands, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, a Hidden World, and the Dark Forest. It IS appropriate for children, if your kids want to play. It was, after all, made for a 7 year old.

In each level, there is 1 way to die, and finding it may be simple...or not. There are elements of find the button, mazes, hidden secrets and puzzles.

Do you know your Fairy Tales well enough to die in them???

Please hit me with any feedback or constructive criticism.

I hope you have fun!


  • Play in 1.14.4, adventure mode
  • TRY not to cheat
  • Use the hint books if needed and if stuck, there is literally a step-by-step book in the lobby.


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Creator: Starflyr3
(9 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 1.1 MB
Added: 2019-11-09
Downloads: 536
Category: Puzzle Maps

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