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Created by changelog_

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Escape is a puzzle/parkour map made by changelog_. This map offers a variety of short puzzles made to challenge you and test your knowledge of minecraft. Puzzles include things such as: 'Find the button', 'Crafting Puzzles' and 'Parkour', all annoyingly difficult aspects of minecraft.

This map is completely compatible with as many players as you like, but you may want to only have 2 or 3 players at a time. This is because this map is quite small, and the experience may be put off a bit with more players, but feel free to have as many people you want in the game.

I've tried to reduce all lag possible on this map for those of you who don't have the greatest computers. The world is on superflat, which heavily reduces lag. No complicated commands are used such as /scoreboard or /trigger, which require a lot of RAM to run if it is overused. The most complicated the commands go in this map are /tellraw and /effect. If you do have any lag problems please contact me and I'll try to send you a more 'lag-free' version of the map. The use of mobs has been reduced significantly, although you will encounter them in one the levels.


There are 6 levels in the map, each of them offering you a new challenge. Here are the answers to puzzles. Don't read on if you haven't played the map yet or you are stuck.

Level 1 > Climb up the vines, turn left and press the button
Level 2 > Place the barrier block in such a fashion that you can reach the chest on the wall
Level 3 > Dig into the wool and find the chest hidden inside
Level 4 > Use the resources given to craft a bow and arrow. Then shoot the wooden button
Level 5 > Take the green parkour course
Level 6 > I can't really tell you much about this one, Level 6 is easy anyway :)

Map Details

Creator: changelog_
(58 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.9
Size: 706.01 KB
Added: 2016-04-04
Downloads: 6,478
Category: Puzzle Maps


MonsterusCow what the heck???? i spawn in an open room with a wall missing and nothing happenes and nothing to do the map is completly broken in both ways! this makes no sense

2021-08-29 18:29

Hughes5ive Hello I made a video about your map,I hope you like it.

2016-04-21 17:06

Edam_Cheese Yeah, we have serious bugs...
1. You can reach the high chest in Puzz 2 by standing on the barrier chest and jumping. No barrier placement necessary. It could just do with raising a little.
2. One pair of shears is not enough to find the ladder chest in Puzz 3, more of them are necessary.
3. The hostile mob spawning gamerule is on. This means hostile mobs can spawn in the map, where they are not meant to like under the wool or in the cave in Puzz 4. If these are on purpose, they make the map practically impossible to beat. Turning it off and using mob spawners, eggs or /summon when wanted would make the map more enjoyable.
4.The ladders in Puzz 3 can be placed on 'missingno'. As the wool can also not be placed, there is no legit way to get to the top. This will need changing for your intended solution.
5. The redstone is missing from on top of the ceiling lamp in Puzz 3. This was done probably by a test run, and forgetting to replace it afterwards, which is an easy mistake.
6. No spawn point is set and natural spawn is obstructed, causing the player the spawn outside the map on death.
7. The mob griefing gamerule is on. This means any creeper explosions destroy the map, which happened to me in the dark rooms at the start of Puzz 4, so it would be better turned off.
8. The kill button at the end of the maze made no sense, especially because I respawned at the spawn room instead of back in the puzzle. It could work I you just respawned at the start of that Puzzle.
9. The cave spiders were excessive. One or two would be alright, a dispenser full was too many. The room was overflowing by the time I got to it, and they were activating the pressure plate and escaping too. Maybe you could make the swords break the cobweb for string and have only a couple of spiders.
10. The weather was annoying. I had constant thunderstorms which caused fire to burn some of the carpet and wool, it would be better to set the weather to clear with a clock and turn the fire tick gamerule off
11. My items were not deleted between Puzz 3 and 4, although I don't think this could be exploited.
12. All 3 parkour routes could be beaten by running down the wool at the sides and jumping to reach the button.
13. if you think something is too hard and the player will cheat, either change it or ass a button o change it if the player wants. Encouraging the player the cheat themselves ruins immersion and the fun.
14. The redstone in the chest in the gold room could only be placed on 'missingno' again.
15. The nausea effect in the command block didn't work, as it was targeting 'changelog/' instead of @p
16. There was a hole in the wall next the the final button. This could be intentional, but i was unsure.
17. There was some random bedrock in the wall between the redstone room and the painting room. It was confusing.
(BTW, I'm using 1.8.9)

That was everything I could find and they kinda ruined the map. But without them, it could be quite fun. The puzzles were interesting, the parkour fun and the map enjoyable over all. You had me confused with the crafting table in the crafting puzzle until I realized what I had missed, so much so i almost put it on this list.

Please, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be negative and I know how hard it can be to make maps first hand. Work on bug fixing this one, and it will be quite a nice map. I, like any other community member, just want to enjoy fully what you make, and these were the things I found stopped that. Enjoy making more maps, and I'll enjoy playing them!
~ Edam

2016-04-05 20:57

changelog_ evilpanda, you were meant to mine the gravel to obtain flint. That button was a troll

2016-04-05 20:11

changelog_ I'll try and fix the redstone, please be patient :). I'll reupload the map soon

2016-04-05 20:10

evilpanda159 The map is DEFiNANTLY BROKEN WITH REDSTONE PROBLEMS! Some levels like lev. 3 and 4 have problems. Lev. 3, the beacon. It wasn't working. Lev. 4, I pushed this button in the maze that killed me and it brought me to spawn...

2016-04-05 02:29

Samuelw9000 That was a really cool map. Nice Dubstep XD

2016-04-04 22:25

The_miner10 um some of the red stone does not work i was on the right version of mine craft can you please fix the red stone and test it?

2016-04-04 22:17


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