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Crainer's Escape: Sky

Created by McTsts external

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Map Info

In this escape map, you'll go to Olympus in the sky! The only issue is that you want to return at some point and there does not seem to be a way back... Can you escape?

In this map, you will find vanilla colored light, unique pushing puzzles and much more!



Several Areas
Solve puzzles in the sky, but first, you even need to get there! Each area has its own design and different puzzles!

Unique Puzzles
In this map, you need to solve a variety of sky, color and pushing themed puzzles to escape. Additionally, this also tests your cooking skills, so try not to burn anything down!

Custom Textures & Models
Like all other escape maps, the Sky Escape also heavily uses a resource pack for both custom textures and models.

Colored Light
In this map, you'll discover the magic of colored light and you'll need to work with it to proceed!

Map Details

Creator: McTsts external
(61 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 15.7 MB
Added: 2018-05-26
Downloads: 12,115
Category: Puzzle Maps

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2019-06-24 02:45

+2 drylotion Quoting alessandro:
how can i play with 2 players? i dont know and nothing want help me.... PLEASEEE

you can use the website aternos

2019-06-24 02:34

+1 alessandro McTsts thank you for your answer. if i will create a server to join with my friend, what i have to do?

2018-06-01 14:25

-1 McTsts Quoting alessandro:
how can i play with 2 players? i dont know and nothing want help me.... PLEASEEE

You'll need a server or a realm for that. However, apparently, it is possible with 1 player if you give yourself a bow, as an earlier comment said.

Quoting Treulose:
i can't pass the clouds...

The clouds in the beginning area? To get from there to the main area (Olympus) you need to do the following:

- Step on all the angel blocks until you reach the first cloud
- On the first cloud look for a hidden dropper which contains a shovel, take it
- Go up to the second cloud and break the concrete above the angel block with your shovel
- Go up to the third cloud and push the magma block so that it's possible to get up to the angel block
- Step on that final angel block and jump to the final cloud
- On the final cloud step onto the altar/portal and you'll be teleported to the Sky/Olympus

2018-05-28 22:41

+2 Treulose i can't pass the clouds...

2018-05-28 13:13

+1 alessandro how can i play with 2 players? i dont know and nothing want help me.... PLEASEEE

2018-05-28 09:26

0 MlgMemed It is possible one player, you just need to hax yourself a bow and some arrows

2018-05-27 14:32

+1 Moose Its possible to jump from the bridge from the main island to thee red/blue parkour to a gap in the hedge. otherwise, great map!

2018-05-27 14:13


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