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Communicate 2

Created by CatCreamYT external

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Map Info

Welcome to Communicate 2!

The sequel to Communicate, a Co-Op puzzle map based on the ability of two players to work together based solely on talking.

Simply complete all 10 brand new puzzles along with your partner.

The only problem is that every puzzle is impossible to solve without proper communication. Can you beat it?


  • Players: 2 Only
  • Version: 1.14.4
  • Gamemode: Adventure
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • The resource pack is required for both players. This can be found in the download or here
  • Disable the “Toggle Perspective” control in your options menu

Things To Know

  • All levels are possible
  • Some levels can become VERY tedious. Be patient.
  • Every map I’ve published has contained an easter egg hidden in the map. Can you find it?


Map Details

Creator: CatCreamYT external
(114 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 28.6 MB
Added: 2020-01-18
Downloads: 6,979
Category: Puzzle Maps

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-10 kito323 This map is pure **** because of several reasons:
1. When we decided to take a brake during map because we both were tired and came back to the map next day, we were stuck on the redstone level because the sticky ball was gone.
2. When we put the sticky ball to the pressure plate and started discussing the redstone the ball disappeared again.
3. In the room where we had one block each and by placing and picking it up we had to parkour to the lever, the quarts block disappeared after one of us placed the block right where the other had the quarts block and we found an alternative way of pillaring each other up with our blocks because we didn't want to start everything from the beginning the third time.
4. In the level with minecart and TNT im quite sure if we were to mine down the bricks what had the special rails on them we wouldn't have been able to place the rails again cuz recrafting wasn't possible and as we saw from the brick blocks that they lost the special ability of being placed again so i assume we would have had started once more if we did that (also tools had durability and it wasn't possible to recraft those too)
5. In the last level we got stuck so that any buttons/levers we had available didn't do anything for neither of us. My friend had black button what opened a way above my head but i wasn't able to go back from there so we were stuck.

And after the last one we rage-quited because how terribly you had built up that map compared to the first one. You forcefully disabled going to creative what disabled of getting the items that were needed for some levels once they were lost. Nor didn't you give them automatically back. Starting over required us to delete the whole map - just /kill didn't take us back to the start but outside the trail. In the first one there was an option to go creative if needed but we didn't need it there before we had completed the map and just wanted to explore the trail and explained it to each other. We wasted about 5 to 6 hours on that ***** map and still weren't able to complete it. Taking away the ability to reset the last level or spawning at the start is extra dumb - you really need it. Overall score would be -2 (negative 2) out of 10.

2020-03-10 22:20

+1 Fruktac Dosent work..
I cant break stone with a pic or a shovel...

2020-03-07 22:24

0 tom I was looking for YouTube and no one has passed stage five and you can't skip it ...

2020-03-06 23:58

+4 popo another great map, communicate 1 was awesome and this one was great too. would love to see a part 3 someday!

2020-03-06 22:05

+3 harley how do you do the music level??

2020-03-01 22:55

-8 Paula Redstone level does not work, i figured out how to solve it but there is one redstone dust missing that connects from the blue side to the red to deactivate the torch that will cause the torch for the gold block to activate.

2020-02-29 05:23

-6 Zero Broken map cant beat level 2 is broken and cant cheat 0.2/10

2020-02-28 15:34

+1 gules4 uh where do we get the resource pack?

2020-02-22 23:53

+3 uwu Slime ball in the piston room despawned? no idea how to proceed

2020-02-18 23:11

+3 doormqtt Amazing map. Played with my friend and we both loved it, it was really difficult but enjoyable.

2020-02-15 23:03

+4 gamingfella Just played this map with my friend. Honestly, such a good map! Not easy by any means but all in all it's enjoyable. I found myself raging at times, especially at the parkour level, but we managed to finish the map.

The only issue I found was that you could only craft 1 of certain items, e.g. in the minecart level I misplaced the rail and then we had to turn off command blocks to place it again in the correct place because once it was broken it lost its properties (being able to be placed on bricks). This wasn't a major issue though. One of the best maps I've done in a while :) keep it up!

2020-02-15 23:01

-1 incognito this map cant be completed because nobody is talent to tones and music 1/10 is that map

2020-02-09 00:53

0 Typo3000 Hey, level 8 is broken. Some of the items don't have the required NBT tags to break the blocks in the level. Me and my friend had to cheat that one.

2020-02-08 15:20

-2 Matias In level VII you can break a smooth quartz block if your mate places a block where in your side there is a smooth quartz blocik

2020-02-07 00:11

0 SangSpell Something is wrong with the first puzzle, the pickaxe doesn't function as it's supposed to and there's no way to continue. Please advise what steps to take to fix said issue. Thank you. I can be reached at , if you'd like to speak directly.

2020-02-06 19:35

0 Jordan Unable to progress past the first level, the wooden pickaxe doesn't allow us to break the stone.

2020-02-06 19:34

0 SwiggitySwole my friend and I got up to level 7, but we accidentally made it impossible to complete by placing a block red block underneath a blue block that blue had placed on top of a quartz block, the red block replaced the quartz block and deleted it.

2020-02-02 01:36

0 LenochkaBL Hey, lvl 8 bugging so much. If you break the minecart you wanna replace, you will get the minecart you cant place anywhere. Same thing with the bricks. Bruh

2020-02-01 21:58

0 Estaria on level 7 if somebody places their terracotta on the same block as a quartz block to jump to and then removes it the quartz is gone forever.

2020-02-01 00:58

0 Kevynn Brand we are stuck on level 8. we got the tnt minecart. it exploded but the glass is still there

2020-01-31 00:08

0 ryg The minecart with tnt blew up everything except the glass prison thing

2020-01-30 23:33

0 required Where's the resource pack?

2020-01-30 02:57

0 anon We ran into a few small issues, but overall it was fun and we enjoyed it.

!!! Potential spoilers below. !!!

1) We somehow managed to start without one of us being assigned a team, which we didn't realize until much later on. So we had to skip the cobweb one because the pressure plate didn't work due to one of us not being on the blue team.

2) Not sure if this was because of #1, but somehow the special rail track item bugged out, and it was turned into a normal one that could not be placed on bricks and had no custom tooltip. We also could not craft anymore special ones (kept getting normal ones). Also, it gave me 1 instead of 16 when crafting the first time.

3) Preventing ops from enabling creative mode is really annoying. If someone wants to skip a level they should be able to easily, whether because they are stuck, happen to not like a level (sound levels for us), or encounter random issues.

!!! Potential spoilers above. !!!

2020-01-28 05:21

+1 Phlille You should post solutions.
If you take too long for a level it is very sluggish

2020-01-27 15:25

0 A man that needs hel I can't get past stage 5, can someone help me?

2020-01-26 02:18

0 CTAK_CO6AK Cool map, but please, dont put parkour in puzzle maps

2020-01-25 11:42

0 Wilson Level 7 Tried placing block and accidentally placed it on an existing block and then it made it impossible as the block didn't come back after got so close to completing the map but cause this happened we gave up

2020-01-24 13:01

0 rewit12345 I tryied playing it with my friend and it generated missiing some chunks so it can't be played we loved previous chapter and don't know what is causing this issue'

2020-01-23 21:40

0 danvol This map is awesome! I couldn't even imagine that things like that are possible in minecraft. But the map is not perfect. We spent around 2 hours to complete just 7 levels and then map has broken. On level 7 if red team place block in position where blue team has quartz and then broke red block, quartz will be broken too forever and then its just impossible to complete level. Same thing for blue team. So I accidentally did it, and then we just could not complete the level without cheating.

Level 8 has issues too. If i put rail wrongly and then broke it, after that i cant place this rail again. Also I cant make a new one, because the new rails are just default, without the ability to place on the bricks. We have not found a solution to this level, but apparently we won't be able to do it without rails.

2020-01-22 23:39

+1 Anon Got stuck on level 8 and couldn't progress or reset to retry. We placed the tnt minecart in the wrong place, had no choice but to break it, and cannot place the new tnt minecart. Had to quit from there because can't use cheats (clever but not clever mate.)

2020-01-22 09:26


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