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Ancient Weapons Hunt

Created by Ryuua

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Map Info:
Seven ancient weapons lost in history must be found to complete this map.  Can you solve the puzzles of the castle to find Excalibur?  Or find your way through the labyrinth to possess the legendary Ichaival Bow?  This map contains puzzles, secret rooms, dugeons, easter eggs, and lots to explore.  I started this map in survival and many elements were created in survival including the house and the towering sky temple!

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Since this map is designed to be solved by completing puzzles, no breaking of blocks is allowed.  The one exception is within a dungeon if tools are provided they can but used to break/change the environment to beat the dungeon.  

The main dungeons have side houses that provide beds and an ender chest for your convenience.

Additional dungeon rules are posted in the dungeons.

Areas can be explored in any order, but I recommend waiting to run the pagoda until you have some gear.

Some of the weapons will be acquired by beating a dungeon.  Others are hidden within the map.  There are item frames in the main start house for you to place your weapons to complete the map.




2015-10-02 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Ryuua
(9 votes)
Map Version: v1.1
Minecraft Version: 1.8 (Java)
File Size: 31 MB
Date Added: 2015-10-02
Downloads: 8,301
Map Category: Puzzle Maps

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