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Volcano Parkour 2

Created by Bryant3553

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Welcome to Volcano Parkour 2!

So if you haven't read the short description, this is a map where you explore a mythical volcano and find the secrets within it with a twist.

It took me and my team a while to make so I hope you enjoy so if you do play it and upload it to the internet please link my map and my channel in the description of your video below and please give me a shoutout.

I would also like to hear what you thought of my map in the comments here and in my channel's walkthrough which will be released soon after this map on my channel!

If you do find any bugs or cheats in the map comment those down below as well!

I hope you enjoy this map because it was really fun to make and I also hope this one is less laggy!

Good Luck and Have Fun! :D


Map Details

Creator: Bryant3553
(212 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 7.3 MB
Added: 2017-10-08
Downloads: 4,146
Category: Parkour Maps


+1 Bryant3553 Thank you for the comment! I experienced the same thing when I was making the walkthrough. On my next map, I hope to make it longer and less difficult to make the map more enjoyable :D

2017-10-09 13:28

+4 Player Just as unfair at points as the first one (not that that's necessarily a bad thing, just makes it less fun and more tedious). Other than that, nice map and great theme.

2017-10-08 16:40


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