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Volcano Parkour

Created by Bryant3553

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Welcome to Volcano Parkour!

So if you haven't read the short description, this is a map where you explore a mythical volcano and find the secrets within. It took me and my team a while to make so I hope you enjoy so if you do play it and upload it to the internet please link my map and my channel in the description of your video below (you can find my channel here). I would also like to hear what you thought of my map in the comments here and in my channel's walkthrough which will be released soon after this map. If you do find any bugs or cheats in the map comment those down below as well!

I hope you enjoy this map because it was really fun to make!

Good Luck!


Map Details

Creator: Bryant3553
(483 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12
Size: 6 MB
Added: 2017-07-29
Downloads: 12,241
Category: Parkour Maps


0 A stranger A bug at the end. When you levitate up the lava floods faster than you float up, so you die. then you respawn at the place where you fly down from, and the whole place is flooded so you cant get anywhere from there.

2017-08-12 02:07

0 Alright I guess Alright map I the parkour to get inside the volcano is unnecessarily difficult (i had to bypass it using cheated in ender pearls). The rest of the map is pretty fun but if I were the creator of the spiral parkour map I would be annoyed at how much of you copied from it examples include the hidden passage by the bush and water, the crafting table to fence to painting jump, the whole spiral concept inside a volcano or not is still the same principle, and my personal favorite the part with the blocks of diamonds iron and emeralds where suprise suprise you go inside one stack and came out another totally original right?

2017-08-08 18:50

+7 Sina hi!
i love these maps so much!
please create more parkour maps!

2017-08-08 06:05

+3 nojus great map but has some bugs, when u r about to jump in the volcano there is a checkpoint and when u die it doesnt tp to it

2017-08-02 17:41

-1 Rob There is a bug when you enter the little cave after the second checkpoint. I felt in the lava, so I killed myself with the red dye. But when I did that I didn't respawn at the checkpoint. And this happend twice. The first time I respawned at the bottom of the ocean, so I must reload the map. The second time I was back at start. It's a bummer 'causes the map looks awesome. I am still playing and I hoping it will not happen a 3th time.

2017-08-02 15:13

+3 pudding second checkpoint doesn't work

2017-08-02 08:55

-1 Slick WORST MAP EVER!! Commands so horribly made, you cant go into creative mode to fix the faulty checkpoints that should be fixed in the first place. The checkpoints do not work. Constantly sending commands to put me (and others) into adventure mode causes server lag. Spawnpoint
at beginning does not work as intended. Please fix this, thanks Slick.
I rate this 1 out of 5 stars

2017-08-02 02:06

0 CuteMissAnais The Map looked great! That's until I got to the sixth or seventh jump, It's litteraly impossible. I tried doing momentum on it but it's still impossible. And not being able to cheat to get to the next jump, you're stuck on the 7th jump of a map that I'm sure is actually great.
So, if you can fix that it'll be great! (I may just be a noob at parkour but I am 99.99% sure that that jump is impossible (sorry if I'm wrong))
The Map looks great tho! :D

2017-08-01 16:58

+1 Bryant3553 Are there any bugs in the map?

2017-08-01 13:32

+2 Miner79 Good map but at the end, the map glitch and water got in it and blocked up the elytra section

2017-07-31 21:09

+1 DanTdm Your games to hard you should let us cheat

2017-07-31 16:54

+2 djpixel the map is "too hard" even just the opening jumps felt impossible even though you're page makes it look fun and easy. I was really hoping for a fun map but I gave up after just trying to get inside the volcano after only about 15 min. pls make easier or at least explain that it's hard before hand.

2017-07-31 00:31

+3 McFoxyYT Its a great map, but i finished the map before my friend and flooded the whole thing with lava before he could finish. Maybe fix it so all the players finish then the place is flooded.

2017-07-30 21:39

+2 Footballkid12344 this is a great map can i build a parkour map with u cuz ive made a few myself

2017-07-30 16:56

+1 Doggy I'm using the 1 player map.
If I die after using the gold pressure plate next to the lava on the first level it respawns me at the bottom of the ocean and says my home bed was missing or obstructed. Drowning after that respawns me at the ship.

2017-07-30 08:38

+1 Endahh As I am here, I am currently drowning under water since I cannot swim back up in time.... can i find a parkour that actually works

2017-07-30 08:25

0 Endahh Honestly, I dislike this map. I spend 15 minutes getting to a cave bit of the map, I die in the lava and then my checkpoint is gone. I can't even get back there with gmc because you disabled it. Please fix your damn map.. I thought this was gonna be fun

2017-07-30 08:22


2017-07-30 08:03

+1 LChanto Right off the bat, a corner 4-block jump in the very beginning.
Not sure what that has to say about the entire map. :p

2017-07-30 03:50


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