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Venom Parkour

Created by BofTheB

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Five stages. First two are easy and the rest are very difficult for me - a beginner in parkour. It took me about 27 minutes to complete.

This map is kinda made for Preston. I built it after watching his parkour videos. He made me want to play minecraft again. I wanted to put tbnrfargs in the map but I was too lazy :D. I hope he understands - were all lazy. So big thank you to Preston!

It is also inspired by my composition called ''venom park'' (not out yet). Hence - venom parkour. It has as much to do with venom as any other parkour map.

There are many things I would've added or done differently now but the map is already finished. Its ok cause it's my first mc map and I like it no matter what.

Have fun playing!


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Creator: BofTheB
(84 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 721 KB
Added: 2018-03-23
Downloads: 2,737
Category: Parkour Maps


+4 Snowday_Aurelion This map is relaxing to play while listening to music or a broadcast. Perfect map for me

2018-06-17 11:03


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