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Unfair Unspeakable - Parkour Edition 2

Created by Nathan43615

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Welp... the second edition is here everyone, and its twice as hard as before! Prepare to rage in this fan made Unfair map for YouTuber UnspeakableGaming.

My 3rd map made for youtuber UnspeakableGaming, its a parkour map themed around 2 things:

  • UnspeakableGaming
  • The Unfair Maps series by NICO_THE_PRO

At first, it will look like this map is exactly the same as the first one, but you will soon realize it is very, VERY different!

Have Fun and Enjoy!

This map features:

  • UnspeakableGaming.
  • Fake blocks (the ones you fall right through).
  • Effect blocks (gives you effects on touch).
  • Troll blocks (some strike lightning, others just insta-kill you LOL).
  • Memes!
  • AND MORE! Seriously, tons more!
  • (and Marget)
  • (and Unspeakable Cake)

Also try Unfair Unspeakable - Parkour Edition 1


Map Details

Creator: Nathan43615
(126 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12
Size: 8.7 MB
Added: 2018-08-16
Downloads: 7,897
Category: Parkour Maps


0 Badger32 Walkthrough? Also, can you reduce lag on the map please.

2018-08-17 03:48


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