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Ultra Trident Jumper

Created by pointnclick14

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Welcome to the world of Ultra trident jumper. This map is a version 1.16.1 single player parkour experience, heavily inspired by gold standard platformers like Super Mario 64. The game set in the colorful victory bell castle.

Inside the castle are many more worlds hidden inside magic paintings, which contain trident based high jumping parkour fun.

It is a fun easy-going adventure, until an evil entity takes over the game.

From there, the game becomes an intense exercise in precision platforming and heart beating action.

Ahead of you lies 9 challenging levels, all of which, with great persistence and skill, can be completed.

Can you fight against the evil entity, or will you foolishly jump into its traps?


This map has only been tested in single player- I would advise against attempting multiplayer, due to a series of bugs that may occur. Speaking of bugs, feel free to leave feedback if you find any.


  • Map by pointnclick14
  • Special thanks to Sethbling for making the “BlingEdit” datapack
  • The Website
  • Special thanks to Jackster Productions for making the "Super Plumber Brothers" font.


Map Details

Creator: pointnclick14
(169 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.1
Size: 10.2 MB
Added: 2020-08-28
Downloads: 5,122
Category: Parkour Maps


0 Weylin I can't get past obtaining the 3rd bell? throwing the honeycomb doesn't work idk what's happening

2021-07-21 03:14

0 JohnLyonard Quoting KrabbyPotato:
In the lvl 1 intro paragraph you spelled "coming" as "coming" lol
Small mistake but something to add

I don't understand, you write down the exact same word, so how could it be a mistake ? :/

2021-06-10 08:15

0 majkati playd it and it has many bugs

2021-05-26 18:57

+4 Best Name Ever Dude this map was awesome! :D
Made a video :

2020-08-30 14:39

-14 KrabbyPotato In the lvl 1 intro paragraph you spelled "coming" as "coming" lol
Small mistake but something to add

2020-08-29 00:46


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