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The Void Parkour

Created by PopFabiGaming

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This is a map made by 4 Kids, on the 10-11

Can You Beat all levels? Let's Find Out!

  • 1: The Stone
  • 2: The Jungle
  • 3: The Lava
  • 4: The Slime
  • 5: The Rage
  • 6: The Water Jump
  • 7: Flappy Boat
  • 8: Little Rainbow
  • 9: Shop War
  • 10: The long end

EASTER EGG: There is a bird on every stage. Try spot them all!

Map Info

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Map Details

Creator: PopFabiGaming
(704 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 856 KB
Added: 2018-04-02
Downloads: 7,514
Category: Parkour Maps


0 Cameron So on level 2, the exit had invisible blocks around it and i had no way to complete the level

2018-05-28 11:53

+3 fran3k7 MC SOON! Great map! I had 51 deaths and i had to cheat past level 9... i didnt know how to beat it

2018-05-04 08:39

-1 PopFabiGaming Quoting my spawnpoint:
My spawnpoint was set in void on one level and im delete map sorry

Hi "Unknown Name". I'm Really sorry about that.
Can you please say which level it was?
Becuse if you say it i can fix the bug, and you guys can play my maps bug free!

2018-04-23 13:40

+1 misterbodine Quoting my spawnpoint:
My spawnpoint was set in void on one level and im delete map sorry

You can go into Creative mode before you die, and if commands are off, then you can open to LAN and allow cheats, then type in /gamemode c or /gamemode 1, then let yourself die, then fly up, you can also use spectator mode which is /gamemode s or /gamemode 3. Its a bit faster, and to get into adventure mode, type in /gamemode a or /gamemode 2.

2018-04-21 13:21

+1 xXLoneBlackWolfXx First off, I would just like to say how awesome this map is! There are a few things that could use improvement, but apart from that it was a truly awesome and well-operating map. Congratulations to you four kids who made this; you guys certainly have a lot more talent in terms of command blocks and redstone than I do, and I'm fourteen! Loved this map, and I hope that it gets a lot more likes in the future. Good job guys, keep up the great work, and make more maps in the future! :)


2018-04-21 07:13

+2 A_Little_Bitter What the heck is the flappy boat part. Everything up to that point was excellent and very well made. But then that part happened. I had no idea where to go, the amount of barriers was insane, and every time I died on it I had to go in creative and replace the boat. Again though, until that point it's a very well made map, but that boat part could really use improvement.

2018-04-15 15:32

0 my spawnpoint My spawnpoint was set in void on one level and im delete map sorry

2018-04-14 11:08

-2 TheWirelessBlade I wouldn't consider this a beginner's parkour map. I'm new to Parkour, so I found this map hard to do.
You'll get the hang of it, though, even if it 30 deaths on the first level like it did me.

2018-04-11 17:20

+4 RyderTheSpider In my opinion, the amount of barrier blocks used is simply ridiculous. The amount of times I would try to jump from platform to platform to find a barrier block in between was insane. However the level designs were nice, and the intended idea was very good. :)

2018-04-09 08:21

+2 Chris How do you fo level 9

2018-04-09 02:08

+2 Mewch_ Great map! But i agree with VolkazarYT the command blocks need a little work but over all it was a great map! I got 55 deaths :> :D!

2018-04-07 06:22

+6 VolkazarYT First of all, in terms of parkour, it was amazing, with well structured levels from easy to hard and even a few trolls. Now theres some work to be done regarding command blocks and level designs. For example the level's name shouldn't stay on the screen for more than a few seconds and the command blocks should be hidden for a more immersive experience. Also I liked the TNT thing at the end. Most parkours don't even have a finish platform. Overall, you've done a great job with this map but there's room for improvement. :))

2018-04-03 07:26


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