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The Different Elements

Created by CAAJBE

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Map Info:
If you know the YouTubers "ItsJerry" and "ItsHarry", then you might be familiar with their server. I have a friend on this server... his name is "Darkstorm77", and he submitted a map to the server for the parkour section... and he used Mediafire!

I asked him how he uploaded his map to Mediafire, and he gave me a YouTube website that showed me how to upload files to YouTube! I watched it to make sure it was full proof, AND IT WAS!

After I saw the video, I remembered this site...! So I made this map because I REALLY wanted it onto this website... and look where it is now! ON THE WEBSITE!

It was really fun making this map, and I really want to hear your comments and feedback! You can comment about how you loved this map, but what I really want to see is comments about me IMPROVING maps... because this surely isn't the last map I'm making.

Thank you so much if you are about to download it... It really makes me happy!

-CAAJBE (Map creator)

Map Details

Creator: CAAJBE
(11 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 1.56 MB
Added: 2015-10-10
Downloads: 14,423
Category: Parkour Maps


0 swag it was fun make some more like it

2015-11-07 22:32

+3 CAAJBE If you are reading this now... I am REALLY close to finished my next map... It is A LOT better... with a new command I learned that is used a lot! Thanks for the support! I can't believe this map has about 9,000 downloads

2015-10-25 22:52

0 ZombieBasher With the elements, do you PLACE them on the gold or do you THROW them onto the gold?

2015-10-25 19:35

0 Titanic27 I have a few other things I would like to point out that are not mentioned below by TheFloMiner:
1. Too many barrier blocks. If you don't want people to skip jumps then just lengthen the level.
2. Think outside the box, literatly. I have seen dozens of maps with parkour inside of a box. Its plain and dull and it just doesn't work anymore.
3. Don't limit your jumps to pillars. Its considered a sign of amateur parkour making. The cloud one was good because it didn't have sticks everywhere
4. Don't stick with one block for the entire parkour. The fence one couldv'e used all the fences but instead it was limited to just the acacia wood fence. Snow, Nether, End and Desert had different blocks, but that doesn't mean those have to be the only ones with different blocks.
5. The redstone map... is misleading. Redstone is a more fitting title for Dodge! Redstone parkour is generally lots of different kinds of redstone, which is what Dodge had, while Redstone just had that you press a button and a block pops up.
6. This one is just a general grammar problem. Do Not Capitalise Each Word Like This No Matter What. It is childish and bad (And you are neither of them.) I used to type like that and I got in a lot of trouble.
You have potential to be a great map maker, and you did much better than me at my own first map and THAT never even got released. Thanks for reading and good luck

2015-10-16 22:52

0 CAAJBE Thank you guys so much for commenting! I'll try to use your tips in my later maps TheFloMiner, and you will definitely have credit! MinecraftGuy800 I tried to make the map easy on purpose because I don't like hard maps, but if you want harder than I will make harder parkour! THANKS :D

2015-10-12 20:13

0 Vincentius_ This map was pretty cool, but a bit too easy I guess, you should do things like better redstone, try and improve because i've seen these commands blocks and the commands was really simple and you should add a little story it would be nice ;). but this map is really fun to play and congratulations this is more a map for relaxing and not a map for challenge I give you 8/10 !

2015-10-11 19:25

+3 AlexanderHoff123 This was a pretty cool map actually. And I don't see how it's too easy, I've definitely played easier maps than this one. Seems about average.

2015-10-11 11:43

+3 TheFloMiner Hi CAAJBE. First of all, for a first map, this is pretty good. But i have a few points which you could improve in later maps:
1. Better beginning. I guess no further explanation required.
2. Put people in adventure mode, so they dont break anything by accindent (or on pupose). You can add NBT tags to blocks you want people to place on specific places.
3. Things like stairs, slabs, panes, fences, walls, etc. are VERY annoying with parkouring, try to avoid putting them in too often after eacthother, so people dont ragequit.
4. Make jumps more creative, like putting different kinds of jumps after eachother. The End is a good example, while the fencepost level is the complete opposite.
5. Try to invent a better system to detect when the player finishes a level, or the map. That repeaterchain is cheap and simple, but also a sign of a bad mapmaker (which you aren't).
6. Avoid exposed redstone. The dodge level is an example of that. Exposed redstone is another sign of a bad mapmaker, and there are plenty of ways of hiding simple redstone, you can even use commandblocks.
7. Don't make ceilings. That is REALLY annoying. You can do it once or twice per level, and only in 1 or 2 levels, but in almost every level is too much.
8. Ever heard of these commands: /gamerule doDaylightCycle false
/gamerule doCommandOutput false (not sure about that one)
9. If a player finishes a level, you can give him the block which he has to place (with /give @p minecraft:*bloc k*) rather then let him take it out of the chest. That is another sign of a bad mapmaker, again, which you aren't.
10. Good design, but try to do more creative stuff, like designing the level better, not the dull 'here is a parkour, complete it'. Maybe make the player search for the way (not very much of course ;) ).

But all in all, good first map.
I hope you can do something with these tips, and thanks for reading this (it took me like 15 minutes to write it xD ). Good luck with your next map!!!

2015-10-10 16:36

-3 MinecraftGuy800 I've been playing for a while, and it's a great map, although it's WAY too easy. You shouldn't make maps that are too easy, but don't make then too hard.
Overall: 7.5/10

2015-10-10 15:08

+2 yay this map was amazing

2015-10-10 13:01


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