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Tear Gas

Created by Sauronaro

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Map Info

Map Info

Welcome to the Map of TearGas! Where a self-building TearGas hunts you down as you complete a beat-the-clock runner maze!

How will you end? Will you succeed? Choose your Fate!

You've been living underground as far as you've remembered, as the plot begins where you find a perilous path that does indeed lead to your true home, the surface above. as soon as you open the iron gates to proceed, an expanding TearGas will be released behind you as you dart down twists and turns, facing tricks, dead ends, and traps! there's no promise that you'll see the sky again as your final choices will determine how your journey ends, will you discover the possible alternate endings?

Enjoy the Map! thank you all!


  • A clash of themes such as Runner, Adventure, Parkour, and Maze.
  • Thousands of command blocks created and self-building and resetting TearGas.
  • Multiple endings to close your story, will you Succeed? Fall? or Change goals altogether?
  • Q and A's in the lobby if you're curious.


  • Do not abuse glitches or cheats while playing for full experience
  • Do not take any alternate ending seriously, their full purpose is in a fictional sense and purely for the fun of the map, please understand the endings as random and lightly taken jokes. with this in mind, enjoy my work!


Map Details

Creator: Sauronaro
(130 votes)
Version: 1.3
MC Version: 1.11
Size: 1.7 MB
Added: 2016-12-25
Downloads: 2,172
Category: Parkour Maps


0 Chainsawdragon Hey, I Played a bunch of your maps but theres a glitch i had i think, when i had it on turbo mode it kept glitching, i think, with the door it wouldnt open if i had it on turbo mode and i dont know why it defently anoyyed me a bit but can you help me by enychance. plz

2017-01-31 16:32

+2 Katie This is a good and interesting map. But I think the gas moves way to quick. I couldn't even complete the map after an hour of trying and just getting immensely frustrated. I eventually just went into creative so I could actually see the rest of the map. Sorry about that but I was way to frustrated. And I have a question: What IS the true ending? I get that the endings don't really matter but i'm just wondering. I think this map really is outstanding though. And extremely creative.

2017-01-19 03:52

+2 NeoBalongDobilly

Made a Video i hope you enjoy.

2016-12-27 05:29

-6 henja64 This is the hardest and cheese map ever the gas starts with you so when the choices come i have to die also the 3rd quick choose is so hard to understand.

2016-12-26 07:42


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