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Created by Sean081799

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Map Info:
This map is a Parkour/Redstone Hybrid, involving Levers you have to click to activate Pistons. This map has relatively easy Parkour Jumps, but it takes a while to figure out the combinations of levers. The levers have numbers written under them, which is used in the Spoiler button. (You're a N00B if you use it!)

There are 3 levels, every time you complete one level you take a ladder up to the next level.

This is my most Redstone Technical map yet, so there was a lot of work put into it!

For those N00Bs out there, there is a button for a Spoiler of the combination. This, however, ruins the fun of figuring out the combinations.

Make sure to play on PEACEFUL, so your Health regenerates and no hunger is in your way.

If you are on a server, make sure of this setting:


I give anyone permission to make a video(s) of this map.

After complete this map, please tell your friends about it and leave a comment!


Map Details

Creator: Sean081799
(6 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.5.2
Size: 206 KB
Added: 2013-04-10
Downloads: 27,267
Category: Parkour Maps


0 Aindriu1802 Short and boring, too easy jumps. 2/10

2018-02-20 14:51

+4 superdudezes I really like/liked this map, but as other people are saying, it would be nice if it was a little longer...
Thanks sean for the map


2013-08-31 18:32

+2 ShiftFaked I found this map to be fairly entertaining, however, it was quite short.. I still enjoyed the map though, and I recorded it and I'm uploading it to my YouTube channel as we speak. If you wish to check it out, I gave you full credit and whatnot, you can head over to my YouTube channel and watch it within the next 30-45 minutes. Once again, great map, but I would have enjoyed it a little more if it was a bit longer.

2013-04-30 23:13

+7 VirtualTheory Wow nice sean, i'm one of seans friends in real life i just made another new map with him!

2013-04-21 03:54

+9 MinecraftianGaming Awesome map. Truly amazing. The next map you make, can you make it a bit longer? This was one of my favorite maps of all time

2013-04-16 08:23

+10 leonardo AWESOME...but short

2013-04-15 00:17

+10 a Gamer Good map, short but good. I also tried the "Punch Bow Parkour" but it was too difficult for me. XD

2013-04-11 17:30


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