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SPRINT: Watch Your Step!

Created by Sean081799

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Map Info:
In this map, there is a single strip of blocks that you must jump on. It is much harder than it looks, because there are Pistons that time you for your jump, because otherwise you'll fall into the Void. There are just 3 blocks that are completely stable to stand on, but 2 of them have Tripwire's that trigger the next wave of Pistons.

There are 3 choices of game difficulties to chose from, each with its own thing to it. (Even if Difficulty is Set to Peaceful the entire time)

EASY MODE: You get Speed Potion Effects.
NORMAL MODE: You don't get any Potion Effects.
HARDCORE MODE: You get Slowness Potion Effects.

If you failed more than once, make sure to click the button behind you when you respawn, this will reset the redstone to make the map possible again. (Otherwise you'll fall straight into the void)

Unlike my previous series, The Multi-Colored Parkour, I do NOT recommend this for beginners, because Easy Mode is tough enough, and because this is a VERY technical Parkour.

I give anyone permission to make a video(s) of this map, so feel free to leave your video link in the comments section.

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Map Details

Creator: Sean081799
(7 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.5.2
Size: 218 KB
Added: 2013-03-22
Downloads: 48,077
Category: Parkour Maps


0 Aindriu1802 I don't understand this map, 1/10

2018-02-20 14:33

+1 SamuelXL I recorded playing this. Was a little laggy, and I had some trouble, and maybe I fooled around too much, but it was fun! Thank you for the awesome map!


2015-05-25 05:19

0 valencap nice map sean
died 18 times counted
well done

2015-01-11 14:16

0 evan99m Ok, either 1. the redstone sucked, or 2. 1.6 screwed it up. I'm guessing 2 because of all the other good comments. When I hit the reset button, the redstone burned out. And, when I first started, only the end half of the pistons worked. This map will need some serious work to be fixed, but I can tell you put a LOT of work into this. Good job! Hopefully you come out with another version!

2013-07-28 20:21

0 Cralexeep Good map! Simple yet complex in a sense. This was my first ever Minecraft Parkour map I played and decided to make a video on it :P
I failed pretty hard ahaha

2013-06-05 22:32

+2 GGoldMile Hey Sean,
I did a video on this map and hopefully will upload it soon. Oh man did I rage in that video!! :D

2013-05-18 10:43

+11 Bacon You have tried so hard in this I bet.
If you had the choice of a 5 star rating i would rate this 5 out of 5!

2013-04-10 12:24

+1 jhon this parkour is impossible

2013-04-10 08:14

+3 Turtle plays mc Your map is very good, would you consider a partnership?

2013-04-09 19:41

+9 xxbacczxx i love this map

2013-04-03 22:52

+4 Sean081799 I should probably say I recommend Render Distance to Normal or below, because sometime the blocks don't load correctly, and you end up falling.

2013-03-28 19:56

+24 LazerTooth_ Nice Map, Sean!
I died 18 times (I counted)
Well Done!
- Lazer

2013-03-22 10:55


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